Choosing a quilted bedspread is not about selecting the design only. There is much more than that; the quilted bedspreads significantly affect the look of your room. Everyone wants his/her place to look beautiful and elegant, so the right selection for your quilted bedspreads is necessary because the quilted bedspreads are meant to lay on the bed all day. Beds are the central point of your bedroom, and therefore, they need to be designed carefully and wisely. Some people confuse the quilted bedspreads with the bedspreads so; it is necessary to understand the difference between them. Here is a guide to select the perfect quilted bedspread for your bed.

The difference between bedspreads and quilted bedspreads:

Before buying the quilted bedspreads, you must, what are they? Bedspreads are the bedcovers that are spread evenly on the surface of the bed & are let to touch the floor. Bedspreads are made of cotton, polyester, wool, and feathers. Whereas, the quilted bedspreads are the combination of quilts and comforters, created to provide warmth. The quilted bedspreads are used for bedding and bedspreads mainly but can be used for decoration purposes as well. 

Design selection for quilted bedspreads:

The design of Quilted bedspreads is of supreme importance when you talk about their effect in a room. They come in many designs and styles, including winged square blocks, geometric patterns, & floral patterns. The covers for quilted bedspreads are made from both plain or printed fabrics. It all depends on one's choice. 

Determine which pattern and color will suit your bedroom?

The pattern of quilted bedspreads is essential. Simple pattern quilted bedspreads are famous at the moment because they give a royal and luxurious look to your bedroom. Other than patterns, patchwork is also famous. Many quilted bedspreads have bright and bold colours with different mosaics.  Patchworks can be embroidered with thread, beads, and buttons, which play the decoration role very well.   Once you have selected the design for your quilted bedspreads, it's time to choose the colour. Always choose the colour that complements your interior; for a spacious room with dull-coloured walls, we recommend you to go for bold and vibrant colours to balance out the colours and create a statement look. Similarly, for a fully occupied room, you should go for dull or lighter colours which will bring beauty to your place by creating a perfect colour. So the colour you choose for your quilted bedspreads means a lot.   Quilted bedspreads are thick and warm; they have three layers. The top layer is made of a soft fabric that has different patterns or patchwork. The inner layer is also called padding containing wool, cotton, or polyester fibres; the bottom layer is made of plain fabric material. The quilted bedspreads are massive; therefore, they are a bit tough to wash or clean. Follow the guide given below to make this tough task easy Do not wash silk or velvet quilted bedspreads at home only if it is labelled as washable. Do not wash the covers of quilted bedspreads that are embroidered or have a patchwork. Instead, go for dry cleaning to prevent the patchwork from deteriorating. Wash only small-sized quilted bedspreads yourself, for large quilted bedspreads call some professional or go for a commercial washer. Soak the quilted bedspreads in the washing machine for ten to fifteen minutes before giving them the washing cycle. Remember to use the gentle cycle only because a hot cycle will result in the damage of texture.  Do not machine wash the old or fragile quilted bedspreads because machine washing is harsh for them, instead use a laundry tub, ad a mild detergent and lukewarm water in it and soak the old quilted bedspreads in it. Let them sit for fifteen to twenty minutes and then gently wash them with cold water. If there are any stains clean them with a wet cloth before putting them in the bathtub

What is the best place to buy quilted bedspreads?

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