8 Reasons Why Vintage Rugs Are Popular in Contemporary Interior Design

Rugs are essential while redesigning any place in the home since they stand as the basis of most interiors. Most designers enjoy the depth and intrigue an old-fashioned rug can deliver because many of us are still fond of traditional touches sneaking out from some corners. 

For today’s blog, we decide to reveal all the solids reasons why you should be throwing a vintage rug around your home. Before that, let us define vintage rugs for you to grasp every concept smoothly. 

What Are Vintage Rugs? 


True to their name, the vintage rugs are known to be more than a century old and have a fascinating history behind each design and pattern. They let you have a wonderful experience when squishing your feet on the silky surface of these exquisite carpets. 

They undoubtedly seem old fashion but these exclusive rugs are still in style due to their hand-knitted intricate weave and an array of beautiful antique designs to give off places traditional yet contemporary touch. 

You might have a question popped in your head, what type of material is used to weave vintage rugs. 

Well, it's probably 100 percent synthetic because finding the 100% originally sourced materials are rare to be used in handcrafting these rugs, no matter what type it is.

So, does it mean that they are not good? Not exactly. Let's back up and see what is the difference between natural and synthetic vintage rugs. 

Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Vintage Rugs

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about natural fiber and synthetic rugs. But it's actually pretty easy to understand the difference.

Back in time, natural vintage rugs were handcrafted from the natural yarn that is gathered either directly from plant or animal sources. The most common natural fibers include jute, hemp, wool, cotton, sisal, and seagrass. 

Synthetic Vintage Rugs

After the fiber is curled up into yarn, it is used to be dyed by submerging in a particular dye by hands which ultimately weaves into particular intrusive patterns. 

These obsolete imprints were used to be either simple or a blend of detailed panoramas and often named after the origin (area)  where it was first made. 

Sam Moradzadeh of Woven, a reputable high-end distributor of vintage and antique rugs in Los Angeles, says that "Antique rugs were not created for commercial reasons; they were custom made for royalty.  

Today’s market broadloom a relatively small percentage of natural fibers for rug making but still they have a place in the carpet industry. 

However, it's a whole other ballgame now. Today's market is drowned with synthetic vintage rugs to come up with more durability, stain-resistant properties, and most importantly, to make the place more perfect and updated. 

Olefin (also known as polypropylene), polyester, and acrylic are among the most commonly used "synthetic materials" in vintage carpets. However, when comparing the two, synthetic vintage rugs tend to be more versatile, beautiful, long-lasting, and budget-friendly options. 

They come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them perfect for any room in your home. 

Despite the fibers, both natural and synthetic vintage rugs come in the same traditional patterns they are renowned for. 

Natural vintage rugs 

Synthetic vintage rugs 

Natural fibers are derived from plants and animals.

Synthetic fibers are man-made materials

Include wool, cotton, jute, sisal, bamboo, and seagrass.

Made of nylon, polypropylene (olefin), acrylic, rayon, or polyester. 

Environmentally friendly & easier to recycle

Provide unbeatable comfort with style

Natural fibers may fade overtime

Strong fibers that last for decades.

Less versatile comes at hefty prices

More versatile, & they are cost-effective

Require special care and maintenance 

Easy to care


8 Reasons Why Vintage Rugs Are Popular in Interior Design

Vintage carpets are popular because of their rich history and aesthetic appeal. Imperial Rooms has introduced an epic collection of vintage carpets on amazing deals that let you save more money on area rugs compared to natural vintage rugs made from jute, wool, etc.

They have become increasingly fashionable in contemporary interior design for the following eight reasons.

  • They Are Class by Themselves

These vintage rugs are mass-produced while taking the ancient Turkish culture in mind at the time of creation. The high-end enticing patterns and subdued hues bring a sense of harmony and class to any dull place in the home. Owing to this, we offer an exclusive array of vintage rugs that are must-have in newly designed homes where some history is needed to depict. 

They Are Class by Themselves

  • Find Them in Multiple Standard Sizes

The beauty of the rugs is that they are not designed to cover the whole area just like wall-to-wall carpets. The rugs can be beautifully thrown into the living room under the sitting area, in the dining area under the table and chairs, on one or each side of the bed, or even under the bed. 

rugs sizes

Anywhere you lay the rug, it balances out the place and breathes a new life to the nook impressively.  Well, the sizes of the rug still matter. Not every room has the same dimensions where only one standard size rug can fit in. 

Therefore, you must find area rugs that come in multiple standard sizes. Have a close look at your place and find out which type of rugs it is asking for because some areas call for a square shape while others require a rectangular or linear shape large vintage rug

To give an instance, our stunning vintage rug sizes are just beyond perfection to add character to any home. To find the perfect fit, you'll have to put in some effort, but it's possible with us, at Imperial rooms!

  • They Boast Premium Craftsmanship

Among the most popular reasons why people prefer vintage rugs is their professional and skilled craftsmanship. 

The machine-knotted construction over the power looms, which also makes these rugs referred to as Persian  or oriental vintage rugs, makes them more enduring and beautiful than any other type of man-made rug. 

Each piece is an intricately woven masterpiece boasting unique muted hues and designs that stand the test of time. Its power manufacturing is the proof that fifty years old vintage rugs can still be found around. 

  • Intricate and Signature Styles

Vintage rugs present a stunning convoluted blend that cannot be found on modern carpets. Most of these carpets have abstract designs with exquisite patterns that include deep Aurora, Dune Obstacle, Frost, Latte vintage rug, and more unique pattrens in different erratic mixes,  geometric shapes, or floral motifs that are probably inspired by nature. 

They are often meticulously crafted to tell a story or depict a specific scene or theme, such as Persian tribal patterns or one-of-a-kind tribal shapes. Some designs also incorporate ancient symbols and religious motifs like crosses etc. Simply put, these floor coverings have a rich history that can complement both traditional and contemporary interior design. 

  • They Lend a Rich Mid-Century Modern Vibe

A traditional rug's origin and rich mid-century modern vibe can provide you the chance to bring a piece of another country or culture into your own home. Buying vintage carpets from their original country is a great way to save money if you travel. 

These rugs date back centuries and can come in a wide variety of tones, dyes, and construction materials. However, you can easily find vintage rugs online if you don't have time to go to a flea market. 

They Lend a Rich Mid-Century Modern Vibe

Or in case, you are not a globetrotter, try out having carpets from Turkey and the best place to order is our online retail store. Today’s designers have found these rugs to be an excellent resource for inspiring new creations by incorporating details from old rugs into contemporary interiors.

  • They Are Practically Shed-Free

Another standing out reason why people love vintage rugs is that they are practically shed-free. Most modern rugs trap so much dust that you need a special vacuum just for cleaning them. 

They Are Practically Shed-Free

Our vintage rugs are unlikely made from dense quality and environmentally friendly material, and a low shed pile that will clean up easily with a damp cloth and some mild detergent if it gets dirty in the first place. These are some unexpected benefits that come with traditional vintage rugs. 

  • They Are Cost-Effective & Last for Generations

Investing in our antique rug ensures that you're getting a piece that will last for generations to come. They serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. They're works of art in their own right. 

Having been passed down from one generation to the next, they become a priceless resource. Vintage rugs are cheap, making an excellent choice for investors searching for a safe and reliable investment, due to the rarity of their beauty and features. 

While everything will get lost its value but the antique rugs will not lose their luster, thus, they have always been a popular investment for the next generation.

  • They Are Eco-Friendly

Even synthetic fibers are not known to be eco-friendly, we take care of that as well. These rugs are manufactured using a lesser amount of synthetic dyes that are harmful to the environment as well as to people having allergic concerns. 

As a result of using only quality fibers and dyes, these products have fewer allergens and, as a result, produce less airborne pollution that can harm our health. Contrarily, rugs from the 19th and 20th centuries have a more earth-friendly aesthetic and are used to make them a wise purchase. 

They Are Practically Shed-Free

However, our environmentally friendly vintage rugs do not possess harmful off-gassing or noxious toxins, thus make a fantastic choice for hanging on the wall, laying on the floor anywhere, or hanging in your lavatory or bedroom.

Final Thoughts

I think you have already been convinced of the power show a vintage rug can set up. There are definitely some more reasons to bring vintage rugs to your home. However, let's stick to these 8 and start sprucing up your hard spaces with them if you haven't done it yet. 

It is ideal to be laid in places where there is a need to add up a main textile focal piece such as kicthen, dining areas, and sitting rooms. You will also love the idea of layering a smaller vintage rug on top of larger jute or chunky seagrass. 

This idea may work perfectly in bedrooms or in nurseries. As from where to buy these rugs are concerned. I recommend you to go straight to imperial rooms, a reputable online seller in the UK. 

And when you are uncertain about the size, colors, design, or the true condition of the rug, you can take assistance from our 24/7 online customer service. So, browse the latest vintage collection now and you would get nothing but an excellent buying experience. 

Frequently asked questions

Why are vintage rugs so expensive?

Real vinatge rugs take months or even years in weaving and thus are expensive. However, there are so many synthetic alternatives available that are not only highly aesthetic but also cost-effective. 

How to identify vintage rugs?

A real vinatge rug is identified by its weaving technique that can be either flat-woven, hand-knotted, or braided style. Original vintage rugs are rarely found and can be easily identified by their intricate handmade designs. 


Are vintage rugs in style? 

Vinatge rugs are known for their antique pattrens and design that are timeless. The current interior decor era still values mid-century modern-style vinatge rugs.

Where to shop for vintage rugs?

High-end vinatge rugs are hard to find online. There are so many online retailers to go for, but we recommend you to shop Imperial Rooms for premium quality and long-lasting finishing. 

How to wash vintage rugs?

To retain their antique texture and soft feel, vintage rugs are recommended to hand wash in mild detergent following air drying in the shelter.