How to Choose the Right Blackout Curtain for Your Home?
A great and glamorous look of the room can be enhanced by blocking the light of room by blackout curtains. A variety of fabrics are available in different colors and prints to increase the attractive look of the room. We have got a number of options nowadays to give our room the desired look. Curtains give the room its final appearance and should be chosen accurately. The window treatments require proper selection of color and fabric of curtains. A person feels overwhelmed when there are a wide variety of options in regard to color and prints. The right decision of color and print can be done by taking the advice of a few pros.

Selection of appropriate colour and print

The function and life of a curtain are dictated by its fabric. How well curtain works and looks depending on the material? The weight of the fabric will affect the appearance of the curtains. A heavy weighed curtain will fold more crisply instead of a light one. Curtains simply have one layer of fabric which allow light to pass through but blackout curtains give room full dark appearance. Blackout curtains have the ability to give the room darkening appearance. A piece of thicker fabric will give the room a dark appearance. Many hotels use a variety of fabrics such as velvet, tweed, and tapestry for making curtains as they have the ability to block or withhold light. Any material can be lined with any thick fabric to give light blocking property. The lining used will increase the thickness of the curtain and ultimately the light will not be able to pass through the curtain. The lining also increases the life of the curtain as silk rot if used for a long duration. A layer of blackout fabric will provide blackout properties usually. Drapes will provide blackout feature as visible light contain some blackout feature. Blackout is mostly of dark color but now available in lighter tones also.


The energy sources coming in a room are reduced by the use of blackout curtains. The amount of sunlight and UV rays coming into the room is reduced by using black curtains. Damage to furniture and wood occurs by sunlight so if it is blocked by the use of curtains, this damage would be reduced.

The expensive products are protected from sun fading and damage. The fabric used nowadays for the curtain is of better and improved quality than that used previously. The fabric used in the old days was polyester or plastic like but now soft and delicate materials are used. The rooms which receive maximum sunlight are protected by blackout curtains so that light doesn’t enter the room. The rooms which are designed to have dark appearance are having blackout curtains. Media rooms don’t require light to penetrate so blackout curtains are used in these rooms. Although the cost of blackout curtains is higher than those which are not blackout ones they are useful to conserve energy hence give a benefit. They are useful in the conservation of energy and reduce damage to furniture so they are more preferred.

Select any color shade

Because of the blackout blocking capability, we always think about the darker shades and heavy fabric. But the point is that it will not always go with all the decor themes. You can also pick the white shade in the blackout curtains or even many other stylish shades. Put them on the top layer of the different types of blackout insulated curtains available in the market. You can put the pleasing layer of the fabric as the grommet top, blinds or shades. If you are worried about the theme of the place, then be relaxed. You are authoritative to pick the shade you are looking for the window treatment. Therefore they will perfectly work for every room decor of the home.

Cover windows entirely

When you decided to pick the blackout curtains for home, ensure that it perfectly fits the windows. This will not just lengthwise but also cover the windows width ways. We all want our curtains to perform all the functions for which we have selected them. Measure up the windows so that you are able to get the perfect and accurate size for the curtains. This will also help in getting the right one and make you get secure from the outside unwanted seeing.

Pick according to budget

If you want to buy the least expensive blackout curtains for the home, go for the blackout curtains. It is a solid choice that is eye-catching and excellent room darkening. Though it is not 100 % good in the darkness but is pretty close. These type of curtains may block less light as compared to the expensive one but is enough for the normal one. A budget of every person is different from each other. When you are buying blackout curtains for living room, dining or especially for the bedroom, make sure you will get the one that suits best and is light to pocket. This will not disturb your budget and help you get the functional drapes.

Not interested in changing the current curtains

If you love your current curtains, then you have an option to create your own one in a blackout. You just need to add liners of the blackout in the existing one and hang them on the double rod of the room. This rod must climb up on the active. You can also use the white liners that are unified and give the impact look to the place. You can also have an option of the blackout blinds and shades to use with the current curtains. This will help in blocking the light and dust to enter in your space. Get them and hang on to make the room look functional. If you want to block most of the light then use the inside mount for this capability.

We all will agree to this that a lot of the heat is lost through the windows and doors. This will also make the utility bills to rise while the thermal curtains help you in saving money. This will really help in the low utility bills. You will stop the heat and cold to go outside the place. The fully lined thermal curtains will help you in preventing the heat and cold from escaping through the room windows and doors. This will also add cosines and best for the couple rooms. Use them and take the value-added benefits from the thermal lined blackout curtains in the UK.

Select patterns in Blackout Curtains

If you are selecting the pattern in the blackout curtains this will make a room seem larger. This is the perfect solution for the smaller rooms that it actually is. Make sure the pattern of the curtains is coordinating with the background color. This is the best step you can take to make the room look more astonishing. Make sure that the room theme will completely go with the selected pattern of the drapes. Otherwise, it will make the curtains look completely separate. When you are decorating the bigger rooms and dressing the large windows the decor is difficult. In large windows the scale of the pattern curtains is critical. The small windows with the pattern layout of curtains will give the fussy looks and easily blend with the background.

Installation Procedure

You do not need to perform extra steps to install the blackout curtains in the home. It is done in the same manner as the standard curtains get installed. To get the best outcome to make sure that your measurement of the window is greater in the length and width from the actual size of it. This will completely cover the area and black the light to get in. Use the wraparound for the blackout curtains. This will help in bringing the drapes all the way around the walls of the room. This will also guarantee the light, dust and noise to get blocked. 


Blackout curtains for the home are important not only in summers but also in the winter season. You are able to get them online and in the nearby store effectively. One of the best online options to buy them in various types and style is to visit Imperial Rooms. We have the best collection of curtains, bedding, duvet covers, and cushions according to your wish at the different price range. Select the one and place the order by following a few easy steps. Hanging the blackout curtains will not only solve the issue of the people who want to sleep in day time but also stop unwanted noises to enter the space. If your home is near to road them consider this option.