Choose your cushion for a trendy interior decoration.

Sofa, bed or floor cushions bring a cosy decorative touch to your interior. True symbols of cocooning and conviviality, decorative cushions are everywhere! The choices of materials, colours, shapes or patterns are endless.

The Imperial Rooms team offers you an overview of decorative trends in cushions.


  • Choose your sofa cushion
  • Decorate your bed with decorative pillows
  • Decorative cushions: Trendy materials and colours for 2022

Choose your sofa cushion.

Choosing your sofa cushions is, above all, a matter of size and style. Indeed, be very careful not to overload your sofa or armchair and make sure to direct your choices towards cushions adapted in size. Thus, a trilogy of 45x45cm or even 50x50cm cushions on your three-seater sofa will leave you enough room to curl up in your sofa. If your sofa is bulkier, you can opt for larger decorative cushions for a harmonious look.

The decoration tip: dare to go mismatched!

You can also mix sizes and opt for mismatched cushions to bring a trendy touch and volume to your lounge area, for example, by adding two or three small rectangular cushions to recreate the cosy atmosphere of your home.

In terms of style, bohemian and  ethnic trends

are still very present in our interiors. For a warm and comforting sofa decoration, opt for natural materials such as velvet, embroidered wool or linen. You can also fall for a cushion with fringes or pompoms, because it is one of the essential must-haves in decorating trends. In vogue for several years now, the Scandinavian style is still very present in 2022. Geometric patterns and pastel shades bring softness to your living room area and invite you to relax on your sofa! Finally, if you are a fan of the vintage style, know that the retro decorative cushions come to wake up your sofas and armchairs. Tangy colours, graphic shapes all the codes of the seventies look together to bring a dose of pep to your interior!

Decorate your bed with decorative pillows

Decorative cushions are also present in the bedrooms. Arranged on a bed, they decorate your cosy nest with elegance and style.

Carefully arranged pillows on your bed will enhance your bedding and bedroom décor. To do this, place one on each pillow and refine your decor by opting for a rectangular cushion in the centre. You can mix materials and mismatch patterns to play with textures and volumes. Also, have fun with the shapes of your cushions by focusing on asymmetry. This will reinforce the cosy and harmonious appearance of your bed.

Finally, add a final touch to your bed linen by choosing a bedspread or plaid to reinforce the cocoon style of your bedroom.

Decorative cushions: Trendy materials and colours for 2022

Natural materials invite themselves into all our interiors. Thus the decorative cushions in curly wool adorn sofas, armchairs and beds with softness. This warm and comforting material warms our interiors. In the same way as corduroy, which will be among the major trends in terms of material in 2022. Pleasant to the touch, it gives your interior decoration a chic dimension and is available in all colours. In terms of colour, there is a wide choice available to you. From warm shades like brown, yellow or burgundy to the big comeback of the pop colours of the seventies, including deep colours like blue, there's something for everyone! Opt for contrasting colours that will contrast with the colour of your sofa or armchair to highlight it. You can also play with shades for a subtle and elegant look.