Curtains for the bedroom: choose them well

Decorative, blackout, insulating, many models of curtains dress the bedroom and living room door and windows according to your needs. A place of relaxation, this room where we spend a large part of our time must preserve the privacy and calm of its occupants. Which curtains to choose for the bedroom? Here are some leads.

Highly appreciated for the beautiful looking they offer a room, curtains are mainly chosen according to their decorative power. Linen, cotton, satin or velvet curtains, plain or patterned, modern style, retro look or Scandinavian spirit are real allies to contribute to the bedroom's atmosphere. But they can also perform other functions, such as sound or thermal screens.



  1. Combine curtains and sheers
  2. Blackout curtains
  3. Thermal curtains
  4. For a cocooning room
  5. In a modern bedroom
  6. Master bedroom side
  7. For the baby's room


How to combine curtains and sheers on the bedroom side?

Sheers and decorative curtains this is often the associated that we find in the bedroom. Perfectly aesthetic, this solution is suitable for windows with shutters or blinds or for sleepers who are not bothered by daylight to end their night. Do you have face-to-face? Do not hesitate to install these famous light fabrics which protect from prying eyes. With patterns, coloured bands, or simple stripes. It will depend on the choice of double curtains. Avoid overloading the window. A piece of advice: neutral sheers are combined with luxury curtains, while patterned sheers are combined with heavy and plain double curtains.

Why choose bedroom side blackout curtains?

The primary function of the blackout curtains: block the light! It is particularly appreciated in a room that does not have shutters to enjoy a deserved rest in restorative darkness. Insulation against outside light is okay, but not only! It is also acclaimed for its thermal qualities against heat and cold and for the intimacy with close neighbours that it offers in the evening once the light is on in the room.

Why choose thermal curtains?

If the windows in your bedroom are not perfectly insulated, you risk seeing the cold enter your home in winter but also suffer heat loss. To keep your electricity bill from skyrocketing, install insulated curtains with thermal liners. Made of aluminium, these can be installed using a scratch system at the back of your curtain without any difficulty. You just have to remove them to put them in the washing machine or have them cleaned at the dry cleaners. You should also know that thermal blackout eyelet curtains allow you to fight against the oppressive heat of summer. Practical with the repeated heat waves of recent years!

What curtains for a cocooning room?

Are you looking for curtains capable of shaping or reinforcing a cosy and enveloping atmosphere like a cocoon in the bedroom? Trust soft materials: curtains in wool, velvet, thick linen, faux fur. There are many options available to you in the bedroom and living room curtains.

What curtains are in a modern bedroom?

As for the curtains not lacking in modernity in the bedroom, we can only advise you too much on fabric models that fall just right and do not drag on the ground. Exit the tiebacks and other knots or knots, the curtains of the modern bedroom adopt metallic rings and eyelet curtains, even legs, and we choose a minimalist rod.

What curtains are on the master bedroom side?

In the primary bedroom, the choice of curtains will be made in duo, according to the needs of each. Also, a possible vis-à-vis can tip the balance by adopting more or fewer blackout ready made curtains. Finally, don't forget to match your curtains to the atmosphere of your room and vice versa.

What curtains for the baby's room?

Besides their decorative function, the choice of curtains is just as important in the room of the little ones. Since your baby sleeps during the day, you can opt for filter curtains allowing him to make the difference between the afternoon nap and the night. A simple sheer with blackout curtains is also a good idea if the room is dark. Finally, note that curtains made of threads, rhinestones or pearls should be avoided in this room to avoid possible accidents.