Does A Blackout Curtain Really Works In Bedroom?

While many people know that blackout curtains can block out light and noise, fewer people may be aware of their ability to lower energy costs. But it's true: The same characteristics that make blackout readymade curtains more commodious can also lower the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Do Bedroom Blackout Curtains Deserve To Be Added?

Sunlight Reduction

Blackout curtains are the solution for the bedroom if you want to keep a bright room from shining through. The optimum sleeping environment is an entirely dark bedroom because even a few rays of light peeking through your drapes might make you feel uncomfortable. 

Natural light triggers your circadian rhythm to wake up, but if you work night shifts, closing the curtains in your bedroom can help you get more rest when the sun is out. Additionally, they will prevent overheating by keeping the heat from the sun out of the space.

Blocking Of Sound

Blackout curtains are thick enough to act as a sound barrier, even though they won't make a room soundproof. Some blackout curtains have three layers, which might lessen some noise from outside. 

Thick blackout curtains could help you focus on your work and get some rest when you need it if you live in a boisterous area or work from home.

Power Saving

Your home's windows can let out 25% of the heat. Whenever everyone has returned for the evening, the thermostat is typically adjusted to a more agreeable level. Draperies that block out light may help preserve heat inside your house and lower energy expenses. Remembering this is especially crucial if your windows only have one glass pane.

However, double-glazed windows can also benefit from thick blackout drapes' energy-saving effects without the expense of more elaborate window coverings.

How Do Blackout Curtains Keep The Cold Out In The Winter?

Blackout curtains help lessen the heat loss through your home's windows while it's cold outside. The room's warmth is preserved through the colder months thanks to the bedroom drapes.

As a result, your heating system won't need to operate continuously to replace heat lost via your windows. Blackout drapes might be compared to a coat for each room.

How Do Blackout Curtains Benefit You During The Summer?

By preventing heat from the sun from entering the house during the summer months, blackout curtains help save energy costs. In sunny climates, that quality can be beneficial. 

Blackout curtains, for instance, can be very useful in the Bay because of how much sunshine the area receives.

During summer, modern curtains can prevent your air conditioner from overdrive if the sun is too hot. In the winter, blackout curtains serve as a coat; in the summer, they virtually serve as sunscreen. Blackout curtains have the added benefit of preventing furniture from fading too soon.

Blackout Curtains: How To Install Them?

The majority of blackout drapes are strung like conventional drapes. It is essential to position the top fabric correctly so light cannot enter. 

Ensure the curtain has enough room on the rod to enclose the sides of the window completely.

To What Extent Do Blackout Curtains Differ From Room-Darkening Curtains?

While room-darkening curtains and blackout drapes to block some light, the former is significantly more so. Blackout drapes block more UV rays than room-darkening curtains

In a bedroom, blackout curtains may be the most acceptable option, while room-darkening curtains may be suitable for use in all other rooms of your house.

How Could You Find Good Blackout Curtains?


Dark hues have traditionally dominated blackout eyelet curtains collection, but most firms now offer lighter and brighter hues. Your curtains' colour shouldn't affect how well they block out light, but if you insist on cream, be sure the lining is inaccessible before you buy.


A piece of heavy-duty fabric with tightly woven fibres that won't allow light to pass through, such as thick cotton or polyester, is what you should seek out. 

Choose drapes with numerous layers for more excellent noise- and blackout-blocking, insulation, and blackout power. 


The method of hanging blackout drapes is the same as hanging conventional curtains. To ensure the best possible length fit, measure from just a few feet beyond your curtain pole to the floor or other termination points. 

Please ensure they are wide enough to completely enclose the window while drawn, with enough material along the borders to block off all light. To account for overlap, measure the length of your curtain pole, not the width of your window.


Blackout curtains can be found at a reasonable price and have a significant impact. Cheaper, thinner curtains won't work as well as thicker, mid-range ones because you usually get what you pay for. Additionally, thermal curtains that control temperature will cost extra.

A solid set of blackout curtains for bedroom is a must-have whether you need to sleep during the day because you work night shifts, are kept awake by a bright streetlight, or just want the deepest room feasible to sleep in.