How to choose a living room and bedroom rug?

Carpet advice living room

A long-pile carpet radiates comfort and offers good footfall sound insulation. However, this type of carpet is more sensitive than a short-pile version. The cleaning of long-pile rugs usually involves a little more effort.

Which carpets are suitable for the living room?

A long-pile model exudes comfort and also offers good footfall sound insulation. However, this type of carpet is more sensitive than a short-pile version. The cleaning of long-pile carpets usually involves a little more effort. A good alternative - also for pet owners - is Imperial Rooms rugs. 

Thanks to their flat weave, they are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Their colourful patterns still radiate warmth and make the heart of your home look cosy and inviting. Soft carpets with a fur look or models with a wool content are just as perfect living room rugsIf your furnishing style is reserved and austere, you can set decorative accents with a bright colour or an eye-catching pattern. It is particularly harmonious if you pick up a colour from the room environment: If your furniture or walls are designed strikingly, a carpet in a neutral colour or a simple pattern is ideal. The following rule of thumb applies: the lighter the selected carpet colour, the larger the room appears.

Proper rug size and placement

You can structure your living area with a vintage and scandi rug by defining different use areas. In this way, you can separate a cosy sofa corner from the rest of the living room and define it as a visual unit. Here we have put together some inspirations with possible placement suggestions for you.

A rule of thumb:

The smaller the living space, the less furniture should be placed on the carpet. A carpet directly in front of the sofa is the best alternative here. If your living room is spacious, the front legs of the furniture can be positioned on the carpet. You can place a large seating area entirely on the carpet.

A little tip: If your sofa is on the carpet, the textile home accessory should be wider than the seat.

With a round rug, you can set highlights and bring a special piece of furniture such as a baroque heirloom, a retro classic from the flea market or a designer must-have into the interior design focus.

Carpet advise for the bedroom.

In the bedroom - the place of retreat in the apartment - we want to find peace and escape everyday stress. Therefore, interior design should positively affect our well-being and inner balance.

Which carpets are suitable for the bedroom?

With a carpet in the sleeping area, you can create a cosy comfort zone in no time at all. And let's be honest, what could be nicer than feeling a cosy surface tickles your feet as soon as you get up? High and long pile carpets are suitable for the living room and provide that extra portion of comfort in the sleeping area. A lambskin imitation is a modern and cosy alternative if you want to do without large rugs in the bedroomDark nuances such as blue and violet or earth tones have a relaxing effect, support regeneration and fit perfectly into your sleeping area.

Proper rug size and placement

The carpet dimensions in the bedroom mainly depend on the room's size and the bed's width. If space permits, you can visually separate the sleeping area from the rest of the room by positioning the bed and bedside table on the carpet. If only a little space is available, you are well advised to use a small carpet. Ideally, the bedside tables are placed on the floor, and the bed legs are placed on the carpet. This frames the bed without overwhelming the room. A carpet runner – in front of or beside the bed – also ensures a cosy surface and accents.