How to choose your bedroom rug?

A place of tranquillity par excellence, the bedroom must inspire above all comfort. It is indeed the place in which the need for harmony is most felt. The choice of a bedroom rug depends on this.


The bedroom is where we find ourselves alone or in pairs to be quiet, so your bedroom scandi rug must inspire a cocooning atmosphere.

For pleasant awakenings, nothing better than the shaggy carpet. Its long hair will bring softness to your feet. You can also prefer natural materials such as wool: thermal insulation and a wool faux sheepskin rug will make the room all the more welcoming. Moreover, wool has soothing properties in addition to the materials, the style of the rug matters. For oriental warmth, opt for a Berber rug. Its geometric designs will take you on a journey to eastern lands far beyond your ordinary dreams. For even more originality, a vintage rug will do. The prints of a vintage carpet evoke ancient times in which one would generally like to dive.


Play with the different shapes of rugs available to you for more originality. If rectangular rugs are safe bets, be aware that there are beautiful alternatives.

Among them are oval or round rugs. These curves will bring a touch of softness to the furniture in the room. You can choose to place a round or oval bedroom and living room rug next to the bed for a bedside rug with perfect and pleasant awakenings. If not, arrange it in the middle of the room, under pouffes or a coffee table, for example, and you will make your bedroom a living room. More than a living space, the bedroom should also reflect your personality. A strong character may prefer an asymmetrical carpet to all these options. You will thus immerse yourself in your room as in your inner state, confident and fun. The piece will inspire all the more lightness, perfect for calm and restful nights.


More than a question of taste or trend, the effects are not the same depending on whether you choose a light or bright-coloured carpet.

Know that a light-coloured carpet enlarges the room and, therefore, brings more light. Among the light colours, pastel colours are exceptionally trendy. If you choose a brightly coloured yellow rug, the eye will be less focused on the room and the furniture than on the bedroom carpet itself. Following this logic, a multi-coloured modern hall runners and bedroom vintage rug will attract you at first sight as soon as you enter the room. In addition to colours, patterns are essential criteria depending on your personality or the atmosphere you want to create in the room. For example, to bring a touch of style to the room, opt for a graphic rug: very stylish. This style of rug is particularly suitable for modern homes.