Need A Room Refresh? Style Your Space With Rectangular Rugs.

Rugs come in all different sizes and forms, but traditionally, the majority of rugs have square or rectangular designs. The use of irregular rug shapes, angles, and perfectly round circles is prevalent in interior design. It might assist you in thinking creatively and coming up with something original for your place.

Cheap rugs serve as the ultimate neutral shape to contrast with the straight lines and angles present in the rest of the decor in the current design field. Simple, natural hues can mellow them into a gentle background for any style decision, while bold, detailed designs woven into rugs bring attention to their distinctive shape.

With a straightforward and adaptable shape and style that is sure to complement a variety of home decor setups, rectangular rugs are the traditional choice for flooring accessories like round or rectangle rugs for the nursery. But there are also many choices available for rectangular-shaped rugs that can be used in various settings and interior design philosophies. Here's how to use those new rectangle rugs in your home.

Do These Rectangular Rugs Add Coziness?

Nothing is worse than putting your bare feet on a cold floor when you first get out of bed in the winter. Rugs in a rectangle to the rescue! If your bedroom doesn't have carpet, a rug can add the layer of soft, warm comfort you require to get your day started right.

If you want to be able to step onto the rug as you get out of bed, it should extend from one side of the bed to the other. A chic approach to arranging your bedroom is to place the rug underneath half of the bed lengthwise, with the rug reaching past the end of the bed.

If you'd prefer, you may also place two smaller rectangular rugs in front of your nightstands, one on either side of your bed. This can give a cosy place a pleasant, more laid-back appearance.

The Best Way To Use Rectangular Rugs In A Living Room

  • Rectangular rugs can blend in with your design and add some excitement, giving you some geometric freedom and giving guests entering your home for the first time a classy surprise.
  • These rugs are ideal for large living spaces since they anchor the design by bringing everything else together to create a polished and coherent aesthetic.
  • These rugs give modern homes a much-needed break from the never-ending sea of squares, rhombuses, and trapezoids they are built on.
  • Rectangular living room rugs are the most popular shape for rug design and are great for filling large living rooms.

Will A Rug In A Rectangle Shaped Room Look Great?

By far, this is the most common shape for rugs. It features both a rectangular shape and the classic rug shape. Rectangular carpets are included on some of the oldest known rugs. Tapestry-style rugs and antique Persian rugs centuries ago greatly popularized this design.

They complement traditional décor effectively. Additionally, if you're working with a variety of other design components that lean more toward the modern side of things, they can also aid in tying a transitional room together.

Use Patterned Rectangular Rugs As Decorative Floor Accents

A patterned rug may provide stunning aesthetic detail to your flooring, just like wall art can be used to embellish your walls. You may find rainbow rugs to match any decorating style thanks to a wide variety of patterns, from the classic and ornate to the contemporary and bold, and motifs including geometric patterns, nature-inspired themes, and eye-catching abstract styles.

Draw inspiration from the general mood of the area and the colour scheme you select for your furniture and walls when selecting a rug to highlight your space visually. Don't overcrowd the room; if your wallpaper is colourful, consider a solid rug in the same colour family. On the other hand, a bright, patterned alternative will add excitement to a neutral environment.

How Can You Accentuate Your Hallways With Long Rectangular Rugs?

A hallway or foyer is an excellent place for long, runner-style rugs since they bring colour and detail. A hallway bedroom rugs length is ideal for greeting guests into your home, luring them inside to the central part of the space, and establishing the mood for your design.

Choose a rug for your hallway that is somewhat less in width than the width of the floor. Keep the sides of the rug away from your walls or any moulding. Additionally, choose a flatweave or low-pile rug if the end will be beneath the front door as it opens so that the door may swing open easily as you welcome people inside.