What are the best bedroom curtains?

We are introducing how to choose colours and shading!

When choosing curtains for the bedroom, there are several points to consider in advance, such as colour and light blocking. To make your bedroom curtains more restful, knowing which curtains are suitable for your bedroom is essential. We will also show you how to choose bedroom or living room curtains from a functional perspective to suit your individual needs. For a comfortable sleep, please refer to the selection of curtains.


  • What are the best curtain colours for a bedroom?
    • It is better to avoid exciting colours
    • Cool colours and natural colours are recommended
  • With or without shading, as you like
    • There are 1 to 3 shading functions
    • Advantages of the light shielding
    • Advantages of no shading
    • moderately dark 2nd to 3rd grade recommended
  • 3 Convenient functions for bedroom curtains
  • 1 Washable function
  • 2 Heat shielding and insulation function
  • 3 UV cut function
  • Completely blackout soundproof curtain Plain colour functional order curtain
  • 5 Stick to the bedroom curtains for a good night's sleep

What is the best colour for curtains in the bedroom?

Everyone has preferences regarding curtain colours, but some colours are generally unsuitable for bedrooms. It is better to avoid stimulating solid colours, such as red, as they stimulate the nerves. On the other hand, cool colours such as blue are said to be relaxing and make it easy to fall asleep. It is also essential to pay attention to the colour of the bedroom curtains for a good night's sleep.

It is better to avoid exciting colours.

Colours have many effects on the human body and mind. If you make use of the effects of colour, such as the effect of activating the autonomic nerves and the effect of relaxing, on the contrary, it will be helpful in your life. Colours such as red, orange, yellow and grey curtains are said to cheer people up. At the same time, however, these colours have a stimulating effect, so it's best to avoid them as bedroom curtain colours. If you like reds and oranges and want to incorporate them anyway, choosing light colours as much as possible would be a good idea.

Cool colours and natural colours are recommended.

Cool colours such as blues and violets are especially recommended for bedroom curtains. Cool colours are said to give priority to the human parasympathetic nervous system. Therefore, it is suitable for bedroom curtains where you want to calm the sympathetic nerves that are active during the day and fall asleep smoothly. If you can fall asleep calmly, it will also lead to better waking up in the morning. Brown and beige are also calming colours, so they are suitable for bedroom curtains. Ivory is also a natural colour in nature so that you can relax.

With or without shading is up to you.

Blackout curtains, which have the effect of blocking light, can be selected according to your preference, such as with or without light blocking and the degree of light blocking. Curtains with blackout functions come in grades 1 to 3, depending on the level of light blocking, so be sure to know the characteristics of each of the three grades before choosing one. Here, we will explain the level of the light shielding function, and the merits obtained depending on the presence or absence of the light shielding function.

Light shielding function

Blackout curtains are divided into three levels according to the degree of light blocking. In this way, the darkness of the room changes depending on the shading rate. If you're worried about the light coming in from outside while asleep, why not install curtains in your bedroom with a blackout level that suits your taste?

Advantages with shading

If you install blackout eyelet curtains in your bedroom, you can expect a sound sleep effect because it blocks the light from outside and makes it dark. If the morning sun is dazzling in the room, your sleep in the morning will not be disturbed. Another feature of blackout curtains is that many of them are made of thick fabric that has heat shielding, heat insulation, and UV protection. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter so you can save money on your utility bills. Also, when watching a movie indoors using a projector, you can quickly turn it into a dark room by closing the curtains.

Benefits without shading

If you want to wake up naturally in the morning sun, curtains that do not have a blackout function will be more beneficial. The time of the sunrise varies depending on the season so you can see the change of seasons. In addition, many curtains that do not have a blackout function are made of thin and soft materials, so you can choose one that matches the room's atmosphere.

While some people prefer blackout curtains, others may find the benefits of non-blackout curtains more beneficial. If you are particular about sleep, such as wanting to make it a little darker and feel a moderate amount of morning sun, you can obtain benefits that meet your needs by using blackout curtains of about 3rd grade, as described later.

Moderately dark level 2-3 is also recommended.

If you want the best of blackout and non-blackout options, choose a grade 2 or 3 curtain. At first glance, the blackout curtains' light blocking rate does not change that much when you look at the numbers. However, the difference in the amount of light blocking between grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 is surprisingly significant, so if you know the difference when choosing, you won't regret it. Blackout class 2 curtains are not as dark as class 1 curtains, but they are different in that they moderately block light. In the case of shading grade 3, the degree of shading is such that you can feel the morning sun. In addition, the 3rd-grade curtains have a wide variety of designs, and there is also the advantage that it is easy to find ready made curtains that match the room and taste.

Useful functions for bedroom curtains

When shopping for bedroom curtains, it's important to know valuable features. Curtains are one of those items you don't have many chances to replace, so it's a good idea to sort out your needs before making a purchase.

Here, we will explain three functions that are convenient to have.

Washable function

Curtains with a washable function can be washed at home and can be kept clean. Dust and other dirt can quickly accumulate on curtains; if left unattended, it can also cause mites. In regular cleaning, the floor tends to be the center of attention, and it is difficult to notice that the curtain is unexpectedly dirty. So let's check them out. After short dehydration, if you hang it on the rail and dry it, you can finish it in a shorter time than sending it to the cleaning. However, be careful not to use the dryer as the fabric may shrink.

Heat shielding and insulation function

The heat-shielding and heat-insulating functions of curtains have the effect of suppressing the temperature rise and fall of the room and maintaining a comfortable temperature. It has the function of blocking and insulating the outside air, so it is a significant advantage that it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It will also contribute to reducing the burden on the environment and household expenses, leading to savings in heating and cooling costs such as air conditioners. For example, the room temperature tends to rise in a bedroom exposed to the afternoon sun in the summer, so we recommend curtains with heat shielding and insulation functions. Also, if you have installed rails for both drape curtains and lace curtains, it will be more effective if both have heat shielding and insulation functions.

UV cut function

Curtains with UV cut function are recommended for sun protection.

UV protection is necessary not only outdoors but also indoors. This is because A-waves (UV-A) that reach deep into the room pass through window glass and thin curtains. This is because 80% of the number of UV rays entering the room by a window exposed to direct sunlight is assumed to be 100% when exposed to direct sunlight. Even if you think you're okay inside the room, you may get sunburned by UV rays that enter the room through the glass. It will lead to spots and sagging in the future, so you must take measures against UV rays, especially if the morning sun shines into your bedroom.

The following are the main benefits of UV protection curtains.

  • Sun protection for skin
  • Sun protection for babies and young children
  • Sun protection for furniture, paintings, clothes, etc.
  • Sun protection for flooring and tatami mats

In particular, many homes place the bedroom where the morning sun shines, so the bed and desk may cause deterioration and fading of furniture without knowing it due to ultraviolet rays. It is impossible to apply sunscreen to important furniture in your home or wear clothes with UV protection, so curtains with UV protection are quite effective in such cases. Use UV-blocking curtains for UV rays around windows.

Complete blackout soundproof curtain Plain functional order curtain

A complete blackout and plain soundproof curtain. The four-layered resin-coated fabric blocks daylight, so it is recommended for those who want a good night's sleep in a pitch-black room after a night shift.

Get a good night's sleep by sticking to the curtains in your bedroom

For bedroom curtains, it is essential to know the colour and light blocking rate for a good night's sleep, and then choose the one that has the function that meets your individual needs. Order curtain order Imperial Rooms speciality store where you can choose to order curtains that meet various needs at reasonable prices. We offer a variety of curtain designs that can be used to create a stylish room. Why don't you look at it once to aim for good quality sleep?