Sandra Jacquard Pencil Pleat Fully Lined Curtains – Blue


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Product Description

In Blue sandra Jacquard pencil pleat fully lined curtains,  Pencil pleat  are also given another name, “Tape Top” or “Tape Top 3”. Pelmets or decorations are of three strings that are threaded together constitutes to the pencil pleat style of curtains. These curtains in our online store (Imperial Rooms) are the main attraction because of the features and specifications.

Blue Jacquard pencil pleat fully lined curtains style is indeed the best among the rest. As to the reasons are concerned, here are few…

Features of Blue Sandra Jacquard Pencil Pleat Fully Lined Curtains :

    • It adds value and makes the place more attractive and elegant.
    • Betty is designed from the jacquard fabric that is woven and not printed.
    • Easy and calm colors make the stay of these curtains on the windows more subtle, long lasting and durable.
    • Lining of the curtain is finished with microfiber. Also, the luxurious style of the Betty makes it a simple go at the first glance.
    • Pencil pleat curtains with the header are gorgeous and most exalting inn nature

Specifications of the Sandra Jacquard Pencil Pleat Curtains:

Here are some facts about the product that is high on demand:

  • Size: Two sizes are available which are: 66 x 72 inches and 90 x 90 inches.
  • Pattern and design: Conventional damask is what we have in the store.
  • Color: There is an array of colors that suffice the sense of sight.
  • Washing instructions: It can be washed in the machine as well as with hands.
  • Material: Polyester (100%) is used in the product.
  • Quality: 260 G.S.M.
  • Included: It includes two back ties and two panels.

All in all, this product is of high value which is why it doesn’t stay for long in the stock. Having said that, we always have to bring in new colors with better range and versatility.