Red Sequin Embroidered Duvet Set


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Product Description

This product, Red Sequin Embroidered Duvet Set is one of the most glamorous duvet covers. It has stylish design with the sparkly and glitzy damask look. What does it feature and what are the specifications of this product are mentioned below:

Features of Red Sequin Embroidered Duvet Set:

Features of Red Sequin Embroidered Duvet Set:

  • It has a glitzy design and style.
  • Damask or conventional look is given to the Sequin Embroidered Duvet set.
  • Silver bead pattern is used as the base.
  • Red background of the duvet set gives a new and chic look.
  • This trendy product is all about relaxation with beads.

Specifications of Sequin Embroidered Duvet Set:

Naturally, there are specifications to the product too. Those are mentioned below. However, the question as to why we tend to look for specifications is a must to address. It is primarily because of the fact that it gives a complete idea of the product. Also, it either attracts or draws one’s attention off. You also get to know about the basics of the product.

Here are some of the stipulations that are necessary to know.

  • Sizes: There are three sizes: single; it is for one person. Double is for more than one and less than two persons. However, the king size is good for three persons. But again, these are used as relaxing and amazing bed set.
  • Quality: T200
  • What does it include? It has one unit of duvet cover, and one or two pillowcases. One is for the single duvet. On the other hand, double or king size comes with two pillowcases.
  • Pattern and design: Simple, elegant and plain.
  • Colors: There are Four colors available.
  • Material: Hundred percent polyester
  • Washing instructions: it is easily washed in the washing machine.

Last but not the least; this product is included in our most running items.