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Pillows are one of those items without which beds seem to have no meaning and sense. Without pillows, let them be of any size or shape tend to put elegance on the bedspreads or bed sheets. Having said so, it is quite understood that these pillows which are easily accessible at Imperial Rooms, an online store based in United Kingdom, are of premium quality and most importantly within the range of an average budget. Imperial Rooms is not only meant for curtains, drapes, bed sets, bathroom accessories but also pillows which come under the category of beddings, or bed sets.

What exactly do we have in the range of pillows? Well, we have throw pillow, pillow covers, bedding pillow, and memory foam pillow. There are several sizes too which are for different sizes of beds. There are pillowcases too which are at display on the website. Each and every item or product displayed on the website have a meaningful history to it and also have the tendency to fall in love. Pillow are also found in this store which means that the fillers are added to the covers where the covers are stitched with fillers.

Then there is another category too which comes without fillers and can be bought as pillow cases. Fabrics, color combinations, patterns, designs, hemming, stitching, and other attributes and related elements are of high, premium quality. The best way to get pillows from Imperial Rooms is through the help of website, where you need to sign in and make an account. Later you need to select two things, the product obviously and the payment method. Once done, your order reaches to the administration department which dispatches the order and you get to receive it within two days which means 48 hours from the time of sending a confirmation notification.

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    Hollow Fiber Cushion Pads

    Hollow Fiber Cushion Pads

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    • Size: Only one size is available, that is of the 48 cm x 74 cm.
    • Colors: As far as colors are concerned, there is only one color available in the store – white.
    • Material or fabric: When we discuss about the material, it is important to mention that it is mixed in terms of fiber: fifty percent of polyester and fifty percent of cotton.
    • Weight: 800 grams is the total weight of each pillow.
    • Includes: What the product includes? Well, it has two pillows of hollow fiber
    • Washing instructions: An instruction as to the washing is simple again; it is washable in the washing machine as well as fine with the hand wash.
    • Features: Best feature of this product is that it remains same (shape, softness and cozy) no matter how many washes do you do.Casing of the cushion pads hollow fiber is smooth and soft for the casing.