3 Piece Jacquard Quilted Gold Bedspread OR Matching Curtain


Choice: Eyelet/Ring Curtain
Sizes: 66" X 72"
Sale price£43.99


Luxury Gold Bedding set and matching Curtains are the hallway to enjoy luxurious entity of the rooms. This product comes in a complete range with bedspreads & his matching Eyelet & Pencil Pleat Curtains. Also Ready made Lined Jacquard Gold Eyelet & Pencil Pleat Curtains are the pivot point of adding in the value to the rooms. It is not only elegant but also incited to be bought for various ground realities.


  • Curtain Size: There are two sizes available, 90x90 inches and 66x72 inches.
  • Bedspread Size: Three sizes are available: Double, King and Super King.
  • Color: 10 colors are available in this product.
  • Bedspread Material: filling is 100 percent polyester.
  • Curtain Material: 100 percent Jacquard.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine washable at 40° C.
  • Bedspread Included: 1 bedspread with two pillow cases. Double; 2 Pillow Case 50 X 70 cm+ 5 Cm, 1 x Bed spread – 220 x 240cm. King; 1 x Bed spread – 240 x 260cm, 2 x Pillow cases – 50 x 70cm + 5cm. Super King; 1 x Bed Spread – 260 x 270cm, 2 x Pillow Cases - 50 x 70cm + 5cm.
  • Quality: Face of the bedspread is 150 G.S.M. Whereas, the filling is 250 G.S.M.

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