Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cutting Board

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This luxurious natural bamboo cutting board will add elegance to your kitchen. Not just is our bamboo cutting board attractive and safe for blades, but it is also 100% organic, healthy, & hygienic. The large bamboo cutting board is perfect for slicing and chopping to creating delightful dishes.


  • The bamboo cutting board's ideal size helps slice and chop large amounts of meat or vegetables.
  • Our cutting board is designed from eco-friendly bamboo and is the perfect complement to any kitchen!


  • Size: 2 standard sizes; 38 x 26cm, 40 x 30cm & 42 x 30cm.
  • Color & Pattern: Natural wooden Color and pattern only.
  • Material: 100% natural bamboo.
  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash only.
Imperial Rooms offer this tremendous cutting board for cooking lovers to make the cutting part effortless. This elegant bamboo cutting board will add style to your kitchen, providing you a firm place to cut your cooking ingredients.

Healthy & Hygienic

When it comes to kitchen products, hygiene is everyone's priority. Cutting is a crucial part of the cooking process; every ingredient comes into contact with your cutting board. Imperial Rooms offer this cutting board with natural bamboo material that is certified with no health issues and is hygienic to use in the cooking process.


Imperial Rooms gather its raw materials from world-class manufacturers that deliver a top-notch quality product. The use of superb quality 100% natural bamboo in this cutting board makes it a highly durable one with a premium feel.

Stylish yet Elegant

The style and feel of your kitchen collection are another factor of consideration while considering durability and hygiene. Add a contemporary yet elegant style to your kitchen collection with this modernistic cutting board from Imperial Rooms.

Perfect Size

Some stores offer cutting boards that are either too short to cut ingredients properly or too large and difficult to manage. Imperial Rooms, one solution to all, provide this perfect sized cutting board that will give an ideal sized firm cutting place and is also easy to manage and carry.

Knife Friendly

Most of the cutting boards out there will bend your knife or damage its sharpness due to its extraordinary rigid surface. Imperial Rooms offer this cutting board with natural bamboo to maintain your knife sharpness while providing a firm place for cutting.

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