Duvet Covers Set Poly Cotton 3 Piece Vines Red


Size: Single
Sale price£11.99


Duvet Covers Set Poly Cotton 3 Piece Vines Red is a mixture of setback, laid and conventional yet casual style. Also, it provides perfect sleeping even though you are insomniacs. Quality of this product is divine. Also, the collection of Jeremy duvet cover is the depiction of value. The material of this product is cotton plus polyester. Fifty percent of polyester is mixed with the remaining fifty percent of cotton.

Specifications of Duvet Covers Set Poly Cotton 3 Piece Vines Red:

  • Sizes: Three standard sizes are available. Single is perfect for one person, however, double and a king is for two persons.
  • Material: As mentioned above, the material is 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester.
  • Color combinations: Vines design combination of black flowers.
  • Washing care and guide: It is better to wash warm and dark hues separately in the washing machine. And for the full machine wash, you make sure that it is set on the forty-degree machine wash.
  • Pattern and design: Floral.
  • Include? It has a single unit of duvet covet, one or two cases for pillows.

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