Floor Door Mat Kitchen Mat Washable


Size: 50cm x 80cm
Sale price£8.99


This area rug creates a transitional base for your room with its modified trellis pattern, a vivid, futuristic take on even a traditional style. Each rug has a dense 0.39" pile and seems to be machine-woven from stain- & fade-resistant polypropylene. Patterns can differ slightly depending on the shape and size chosen.


  • It has a non-slip, non-skid surface that is quite anti-trip.
  • Spots can be removed with a damp towel & mild detergent, then allowed to air dry.
  • Anti-slip backing is a form of material that is resistant to slipping.
  • These rugs provide enough protection for your feet and ankles while standing for long durations.


  • Shades & styles: Area rugs are available in rectangular shape and charming colors like aqua, black, red, and grey. They have a 3D design, allergen-free, and fire resistance.  
  • Size: we have 4 standard sizes in stock right now 112x60 cm, 225x 80cm, 150x160 cm, 300x 200cm.
  • Washing and care:  these rugs are machine washable and quickly dried.

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