Geometrical Design Gel Back Blue Rugs

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This rayon and acrylic combination rug is soft and comfortable and seductive with a characteristic high-low pattern, making it the ideal complement for sophisticated bedrooms or a sweet addition for nurseries. The central motif and scrolling boundary features of this gorgeous area rug are complemented by a beautiful colourway of subtle pink tones and cream.


  • These designs are sturdy and pet-friendly, with sturdy construction and fiber protection that makes cleaning easy and convenient.
  • The rug's long life is due to its sturdy construction, which allows it to maintain its texture, color, and general attractiveness for many years.
  • A moderate, high/low pile rug can be used in a variety of settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and the home office.


Sizes: They are available in a variety of sizes: 40cm x 60cm | 50cm x 80cm | 60cm x 110cm | Runner 60cm x 220cm | 80cm x 150cm | 80cm x 300cm | 120cm x 150cm.

Colours: They come in ten beautiful colours.

Shape: Made in Turkey. These rugs are available in rectangle shape.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only.

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