Grey Geometric Rug Printed

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With Ava Printed Grey Geometric Rug from Imperial Room, your house will look better. These rugs are made of sturdy polypropylene and provide comfort and elegance. Their beautiful patterns give your living area an air of refinement. Ava rugs are a functional but fashionable option, and they come in various sizes to suit any space. And just throw them in the washing when you want to change them. With Printed Grey Geometric Rugs, you can quickly transform your environment and enjoy the ideal balance of cosiness and elegance.


  • Sizes (cm): ( 40 x 60 CM ), 60 x 110 ), ( 80 x 150 ), ( 80 x 300) (120 x 170), ( 160 x 230 ) and ( 200 x 290 )
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Washing Instructions: Washable.

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