Jacquard Fully Lined Eyelet Silver Curtains

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Sizes: 46" x 72"
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These lovely and glamorous curtains are prepared to hold on the pole and require no additional hardware to hold on windows and doors. These jacquard curtains are optimal for decorating your place for any occasion. They have floral jacquard in a contemporary way to fulfill your needs and expectations.


  • Light is softly filtered into your home by these beautiful panels.
  • They have a lovely textured sequence that looks like raindrops falling from a window.


  • What’s Included: Set of two curtain panels with tiebacks.
  • These are Luxury jacquard curtains with contemporary tree designs.
  • Sizes: They come in ten standard sizes (Width x Drop): 46" x 54" - 46" x 72" - 46" x 90" - 66" x 54" - 66" x 72" - 66" x 90" - 90" x 54" - 90" x 72" - 90" x 90" - 90" x 108".
  • Material and Colour: They are specifically produced from 100 percent jacquard material. And come in three different colours.
  • Washing Instructions: Always hand wash or dry clean.


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