Luxury Embroidered Filled Cushion Beige

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Pattern: 14"x20" (Filled Cushion)
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Is there something insanely luxurious for the sofa? Well, yes, your sofa doesn't get any softer than this when it comes to cushions! This luxuriously soft cushion is ideal for increasing the level of comfort. This Luxury Sequin Filled Cushion is an exquisite enhancement to your couch that will make you feel connected to nature from the warmth of your bedroom. It's perfect for adding countryside elegance to your living room, as it's crafted in a raw nude shade and embroidered pattern.

  • This Sequin-Filled Cushion is beautifully Embellished and decorated.
  • These are Filled with Cushion and Crystals.
  • Their Embroidered and Great Texture is very much attractive.
  • We offer this product in 4 Attractive Colours.


  • Size: These Sequin-Filled Cushions are accessible in 14"×20" and 17"x 17" sizes which makes them very much convenient for you to use during sleep.

  • Colours and materials: These cushions come in 4 different colours and are made up of Polyester material that is 100 percent original.

  • Washing Guidelines: Wash them in the machine and don’t bleach them at all.

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