PVC Rubber Dirt Trapper Entrance Door Mat Grey


Sizes: 40 X 60
Sale price£5.99


Looking for mats that can be easily rolled up and stored? Give a try to Imperial Room's PVC mats as a more permanent rubber flooring option. There is no need to barging the mats together or use some regular double-sided carpet tape across the edges to avoid the slipping of these mats. Because our mats are anti-slipping. These products are also suitable to use indoors and outdoors and come in different sizes to match your needs.


This is the ultimate hard-working, water-absorbing mat. The mats can stand up to extreme traffic, both indoors or outdoors. The strong fibers will scrape dirt away and retain the moisture to make your surroundings clean.

  • Highly absorbent fibers can drink any fluid. 
  • Boarder helps to trap the dust.
  • Keep the floors secure and tidy. 
  • Non-slip Rubber Backing.


  • Available Sizes: Available in Seven Standard sizes. These include;
  • 40 X 60 cm, 45 X 75 cm, 50 X 90 cm, 60 X 180 cm, 80 X 150 cm, 80 X 300 cm, & 120X 150 cm. 
  • Color availability: Available in one color only. 
  • Washing & Care: Washable non-slip mats.

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