Luxury Jacquard Ruby Cushions Cover or Filled - Gold


Sale price£4.00


Cushions are ideal for any room in your house, adding creative charm to your living room or bedroom. This throw cushion is made of jacquard and filled with polyester foam for added texture. It comes in a two-piece set.

  • It comes in a solid colour for a subtle effect that goes with almost any colour scheme and refreshes your sofa or bed. 
  • It's also machine washable, so you won't have to worry about keeping it clean!


Sizes: It is offered in a size of 45cm×45cm.

Material: It is made from Jacquard material.

Quality: 150 GSM.

Design and Pattern: Damask

Colour Available: It comes in ten decent and charming colours.

Washing Instructions: Wash it carefully by hand.

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