Thermal Insulated Blackout Blue Eyelet Ring Curtains

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Sizes: 66" X 72"
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  • Included: Two panels and two back ties are included.
  • Sizes: 46" x 54" , 46" X 72", 66" x 54" , 66" x 72", 66" x 84", 90" x 72", 90" x 90", 90" x 108".
  • Note: 66" x 84" comes only in a single panel.
  • Colors: Nine different colors are available in this product.
  • Material: 100 percent high-quality polyester.
  • Pattern: It is very much solid.
  • Quality: 260 G.S.M.
  • Washing instructions: Dry clean.
Get a sense of luxuriousness along with a premium quality sleeping experience with these tremendous Blackout Eyelet Curtains from Imperial Rooms. With these plain textured Blackout Eyelet Curtains, you can add an elegant yet contemporary look to your room.

Top-Notch Quality:

Blackout Eyelet Curtains comes with 100% pure supreme quality polyester that is finished with intense care, ensuring that our valued customers receive a world-class product delivering a sense of perfection and a sumptuous feel. This outstanding quality polyester make these curtains Thermal Curtains, providing an upgraded insulation.

Ample Sizing Range:

Door and Window sizes vary from home to homes. Imperial Rooms, caring for its customers, present this sumptuous Plain Eyelet Blackout Curtains in an ample range of eight sizes to fit in with all of your window and door sizes, enhancing your rooms' elegance and delivering a sense of perfection.

Extra Thick Material:

Imperial Rooms offer these opulent Blackout Eyelet Curtains with high 260 G.S.M that will provide a complete blackout effect along with a noise reduction from busy streets outside. The extra thickness of Blackout Eyelet Curtains lets these work as insulators and enhancing your privacy protection.

Easy-Breezy Installation:

Imperial Rooms offer these Thermal Blackout Eyelet Curtains in Eyelet hanging designs, caring for its customers as always, to make the installation process trouble-free. You just simply pass your curtain rod through eyelet rings, and your curtains are ready to upgrade your room's elegant feel.

Trouble-Free Washing:

Maintenance and Washing instructions of any product is very crucial to maintain its softness and deluxe quality fabric. These premium quality affluent Blackout Curtains from Imperial Rooms can easily be washed in daily use washing machines and dry cleaned.

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