Thermal Insulated Blackout Grey Eyelet Ring Window Curtains


Sizes: 46" x 54"
Sale price£18.99


Thermal Insulated Blackout Grey Eyelet/Ring Curtains is one of those items that is always in demand. Eliminate unwanted light with these Insulated Blackout Window Curtain Panels. Available as a two-panel pair, these curtains feature a sophisticated sateen finish and blackout Light-block and Thermal technology insulation. These curtains block out 99.9-percent of light and offer protection against the heat and cold to make your home more energy efficient. Dress up the look of any window in your home with the imperial thermal insulated blackout curtain panel pair. Available in a variety of colors, you're sure to find the perfect match for your decor.

  • Blackout curtain will keep your room or space where ever it is hung cozy, clean, more managed and less of a chaos. Also, it will leave you with a feeling of enthrallment.
  • Improvement and vivacity of curtains is possible through super soft thermal blackout curtains in the eyelet form.
  • Provides darkness and also reduces light. Because of this feature these curtains are best for feeble individuals or kids in particular.
  • Best for those people who live in the houses that have lights right in front of their windows.
Specifications of Thermal Insulated Blackout Grey Eyelet/Ring Curtains:
  • Sizes: 46" x 54" , 66" x 54" , 66" x 72" , "66 x 84".
  • Pattern: It is very much solid.
  • Quality: 260 G.S.M.
  • Washing instructions: You can get it washed in the washing machine.
  • Colors: Nine different types of colors are available in this product.
  • Material: It is hundred percent high quality polyester.
  • Included: Pair of curtains, two panels and two back ties are included.

Note: 66" x 84" comes only in single panel.

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