Waterproof Shower Curtain For Bathroom


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The Imperial Rooms' shower curtain unifies the bathroom with its preppy stripe design. Its light, airy design energizes and brightens your environment. The These shower curtain features great craftsmanship, clear lines, and great quality, and is inspired by several of the world's most beautiful components.


  • The light grey and white stripe pattern is a popular light grey that brightens up the bathroom, making your shower more relaxing and easy to match with many of the bathroom decors.
  • Attaching the grommets to the shower pole is as simple as it gets. For quick setup, each curtain has 12 ring holes that suit standard hooks or rings (provided).


What’s included: A curtain and hooks.

Available size: Comes in 180 cm x 200 cm size only.

Colour: Grey & white.

Material: Made of 100% Vinyl.

Washing and care: Washable or simply clean with a damp cloth after showering.

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