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Greek rugs

The design of greek rugs is inspired by famous Greek patterns. These greek patterns have a special place when it comes to traditional rug designs. Their design resembles the twisting and weaving meander river, which is located in Turkey. The Greek motifs look fascinating and appealing.

For this reason, they are extensively used throughout the world, no matter what their culture depicts. In different regions of the world, the design of motifs may vary. There are many online stores and home decor retailers who offer the Greek rugs in a wide variety. To enjoy the best shopping experience, visit the Imperial Rooms.

We are the professional manufacturers who have been in the field of home designing for a long time. With the passing time, we have learned a lot and worked hard to create something new. Whatever the style we offer when it comes to Greek rugs, we do not let go of the Greek key designs rugs. This makes our greek rugs accessible and one of the most selling items of our store. They offer many incredible features that will inspire you for sure. Continue reading to find out more about the feature of our Greek rugs.

Features of Imperial Rooms Greek rugs:

Fabric content: Imperial Rooms offers the best quality Greek Rugs that are made from 100% pure polypropylene.

This polypropylene is first blended with the viscous on power looms and then processed under the carefully controlled techniques. These sophisticated make our Greek rugs incredibly strong and durable. These are hard-wearing and non-shedding. Our greek rugs do not show pilling even if they are consistently used for years.

Color schemes We have the latest greek Rugs that hold the Greek designs. These designs are carefully made and offer a neat finishing that ultimately helps in creating a unique look. As for the color schemes, we have almost all the colors of rugs available in our stock. You can choose any color according to the interior of your place and make it look more beautiful and fascinating. Our color schemes include cream & brown, black & white, red & white, grey & black, green & cream, blue & cream, burgundy & black, and brown.

we have six different sizes available in the stock. These sizes vary from 40 cm x 60 cm to 60 cm x 220 cm. You can buy any of the rugs between this size range at a cheap and affordable range. We offer an easy purchase process for our valued customers and help them buy the Greek rugs in a low budget.

Easy maintenance: Our greek rugs are easy to maintain and do not need special care. You can wash them in the washing machine or by hand by using a mild detergent. And dry them in the air or in the drying machine.