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Mattress Toppers

For additional warmth and adequate rest from Imperial Rooms Mattress Topper Range, find your just-right fit at cheap rates. To aid breathe new life in the mattress as well as the manner you sleep, enjoy our luxurious, vibrant, gel-infused memory foam toppers created for your support. Our specially crafted floating-on-air sensation is designed to adapt easily to the slight motions of your spine, thus serving to provide your butt, shoulders, and back with added assistance. Accessible for tailored support and lightness in two distinct sizes.

Why Choose Imperial Rooms’ Mattress Toppers?

Imperial Rooms offers one of the best mattress toppers you can ever have. We have a hardworking team that puts efforts to bring comfort & cloud-like softness to your sleeping space. Here is why you should choose us when it comes to mattress toppers.

  • Come compact for quick setup in a package, only un-roll, lie flat and enjoy 
  • Adapt and improve the performance of an old mattress quickly or change the quality of a new bed 
  • Gel-infused hard plastic embraces your body as you relax, and has more versatility than stronger toppers of memory foam. 
  • Produced to guarantee the best standard in the world  
  • Sealy goods are specifically designed and carefully tested to provide consistency and reliability.

Why Choose us?

Our  Mattress pads are built to give your current mattress a really fluffy, plush texture. Our quilted pads are sturdy and long-lasting and keep your mattress free of marks and to reduce exposure to bed bugs and other possible pathogens, making your bed softer as well as hygienic.

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