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Our Shaggy Rugs have been designed to make your home an enjoyable and relaxing place after a hard day. There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in your living room and nestling your aching feet into the soft, comfortable fibers of a shaggy rug. This range continues to be one of the most traditional and leading collections throughout the UK, and our selection of rugs are continually expanding to offer the highest quality and softest rugs from around the world. You’ll find the best rug to complete your home’s look.

Shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs are the soft and fluffy rugs, their unique and fluffy appearance make them ever-popular among all age groups. The long pile is also resembled with the noodles sometimes because of its appearance. They are very beneficial as they provide a soft, smooth, and warm surface. They make your floor warm to walk on in chilly and snowy days. Especially when you have wood or marble floors. They give a cushioned, cozy, comfortable, and relaxed feel. Shaggy rugs come in a large variety of colors, thickness, designs, and sizes. To buy the shaggy rugs online, Imperial Room is the best place to visit in the first place. We are the professional manufacturers who deal with the home décor products. Shaggy rugs are one of our most selling and most popular home décor products. They are made under great care through computerized methods. We use 100% polypropylene for making the shaggy rugs. We provide the cheap shaggy rugs for our valued customers so that they do not have to worry much about buying a new shaggy rug. Moreover, our shaggy rugs are durable & compliment all kinds of interiors. They also trap heat and make your place warm and cozy. 

Features of our shaggy rugs:

We shaggy rugs UK are very versatile; we deliver them throughout the UK, so place an order anywhere from the UK and get them at your door in just a few working days. Our rugs are durable, soft, non-shedding, and high quality & these rugs are available in five different sizes.  As for the designs, mostly, the shaggy rugs are plain and do not contain any design. We offer all the colors for our clients so that they can buy their desired rug easily from our extensive range. We have white, black, blue, grey, red, burgundy, brown, beige, purple, cream,  pink, and green colors in our stock. These rugs are 4 inches thick 

Why oxford homeware?

Oxford homeware has a skilled and highly qualified team who puts great efforts in making new design and introducing new color schemes. They tirelessly work to make their clients happy because happy clients are all we need.  Oxford homeware surpasses other stores because of its high-quality products and secure purchase. We have a user-friendly website that offers you a smooth buying process. All of our products are categorized according to colors, prices, designs, and sizes. 

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It is very easy to make the purchase from our website. Enter your query in the search bar, and the related products will appear on the screen at the same instant. Select your desired product and click on it to add to the cart. If you feel that you need any information before making the purchase, click in the top right corner and contact us. Our team will send you an immediate reply with the relevant information. Once you find the desired product, click on it to add it to the cart. We are waiting for 24/7 for your orders.

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