3 Piece Duvet Set - Autumn Grey


Size: Single
Sale price£12.49


This product, Autumn Grey Duvet Cover Set is basically mean for all those who are into trendy and chic bedding's. This makes them as well as us the custodians of looking for the best solutions. In this regard, we at Imperial Rooms tent to provide sporting duvet. This sporty duvet comes with a cover as well as pillow cases. In short, it becomes the best modern bedroom bedding set.

Specifications of the product are:

  • Color: It is grey mix colors.
  • Sizes: Traditional and predicated sizes that are double and king are available in the Imperial Rooms.
  • Pattern and design: As far as design is concerned it is a white color and black lines.
  • Material: Polyester and cotton, both in the same amount (fifty percent) are used in the product.
  • Washing care: This product is washable in the machine that is the washing machine.
  • Included: It includes a duvet cover, one or two pillowcases.

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