Embossed Blackout Ready Made Curtains Silver Window


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The Embossed Blackout Curtain for Window provides useful curtains that provide privacy, control light, reduce noise, and aid in energy conservation without forsaking the latest home decor trends. They're constructed of 260 GSM polyester fabric in a high-quality, super-soft triple-weave design.


  • It serves as a light-blocking barrier as well as an energy-saving barrier.
  • Keep rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter by insulating against heat and cold.


  • Sizes: They come in a variety of sizes.These sizes include 46"×54", 46"×72", 66"×72", 66"×54". 66"×84" is only a single panel.
  • Material and Colour: Crafted of 100 percent Polyester material and offer four beautiful colours.
  • Curtains Pattern: We offer finely made DAMASK patterned curtains.
  • Heading Styles: These curtains come in eyelet or ring heading style.
  • Curtain's Set: our curtains come in pairs. Each pair comprises two curtain panels and two matching tie-backs.
  • Care Instructions: Clean them in the machine at 40 degrees.

Also available Blackout and Sparkle curtains in different sizes.

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