Adjustable Curtain Pole Set Sparkling Mosaic Ball Finials


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This appealing extendable curtain pole set accentuates sparkling mosaic ball finials that add extra radiance and glow to your window dressings. Made from premium quality metal, this extendable rod can get fit to windows of different sizes. The unique and sparkly mosaic finials on both ends make it the focal point of the room and adjustable brackets and fittings make the installation process a breeze. This elegant easy-to-install curtain pole set is available in colours and finished to give an equally uplifted stare wherever it is used, be it a bedroom, the living room, dining room, kitchen or home office.


  • Sizes: (70cm -120cm), (120cm - 210cm), (160cm - 300cm) 
  • Colours: Antique Brass, Chrome, Brushed Silver & Black Nickel
  • Material: Metal
  • Finials: 60mm
  • Diameter: 28mm


  • 70cm-120cm: 12 X Rings, 2 X Brackets, 2 X Finials & 1 X Rod

  • 120cm-210cm: 20 X Rings, 3 X Brackets, 2 X Finials & 1 X Rod

  • 160cm-300cm: 30 X Rings, 3 X Brackets, 2 X Finials & 1 X Rod

      Turn any room into splendour with these flashy mosaic curtain poles and amuse your window dressings' sense of sensuality and aristocracy. Imperial Rooms is proud to introduce these window essentials to amplify your decor sense.

      Stunning Mosaic Ball Finials

      These shiny curtain poles at Imperial Rooms shoot off the burst of exquisiteness that will uplift your place. These exclusive curtains poles feature dazzling mosaic ball finials that will upgrade the overall room ambiance.

      Extendable Rods

      Imperial Rooms present these magnificent mosaic curtain rods and poles with extendable poles. This standout feature of curtain poles makes them a perfect fit for any window size.

      Size Availability

      Imperial Rooms offers these absolutely gorgeous mosaic curtain poles in different size ranges so that you can choose what get fits your windows. We offer our customers three different length curtain poles for their convenience.

      Elegant Design

      These upscale mosaic Curtain Poles reflects a dapper design, ensuring these curtain hanging essentials do not overwhelm the luxury curtain design and scrutinise more graceful and outstanding.

      Easy to Care

      Imperial Rooms truly value its customer’s ease and preferences. This mosaic-style curtain pole with ornamental finials is very easy to clean. Use a damp cloth and wipe off the dirt over it.

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