Latin Traditional Non Shed Rug - Black & Grey


Sizes: 80 x 150cm (2'7" x 5')
Sale price£23.99


Transform your rooms with a simple upgrade! Begin with this bright and colourful Latin area rug. Made from a long-lasting, environmentally friendly material that will not harm your health or the environment. There are no chemicals or dyes that are harmful to your or your family's health, and the materials are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.


  • This carpeting is pet-friendly and reasonably simple to clean, requiring only a vacuum in most circumstances. 
  • Thanks to innovative digital printing techniques, colours will not fade.


Sizes: It comes in the following standard sizes: 80 x 150cm(2ft 6" x 5ft) , 120 x 170cm(4ft x 5ft 6") , 160 x 230cm(2ft 3" x 7ft 7") , 200 x 290cm(6ft 7" x 9ft 6").

Colours: If is available in four elegant colours.

Washing & care: Hand wash or dry clean only.

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