Luxury Bedding Cream Cotton Bedspread Set

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Size: Single
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Luxury elegant embroidered 3 piece cream bedspread are actually meant for the best of the best bedding's. Not that your bed has to be out of this world but yes, it is all about how far you can make it out of this planet by spreading our product on the bed. Filling in the bedspread is of the high value in terms of quality and the usage. Plain embroidered bedspread is available in four designs.

Specifications of Luxury Elegant Embroidered 3 Piece Cream Bedspread:

  • Size: This product comes in Four sizes: Single, Double, king & Super King.
  • Colors and hues: There are total four colors available right now. However, we have plans of increasing the colors in near future.
  • Design and pattern: Flowers and botanical patterns are assigned to this product.
  • Material: Polly cotton.
  • Care and washing guidelines: Washing machine and dry clean are two options through which you can take care of this product.
  • Included:  
    • Single: 1 Pillow Case 50 X 70 cm+ 5 Cm, 1 x Bedspread – 170 x 220 cm,
    • Double: 1 x Bedspread – 220 x 240 cm, 2 Pillow Case 50 X 70 cm+ 5 Cm,
    • King: 1 x Bedspread – 240 x 260 cm, 2 Pillow Case 50 X 70 cm+ 5 Cm,
    • Super King: 1 x Bedspread – 260 x 270 cm, 2 Pillow Case 50 X 70 cm+ 5 Cm.

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