Chenille Stripe Bath Mat Non Slip Memory Foam Water Absorbent Mat

Color: Black
Sale price£12.49


This exclusive grey doormat will greet your visitors with a subtle decorative charm. It's made of tough synthetic polypropylene and has a textured surface that's ideal for wiping dirt and moisture off feet or shoes, ideal for any high-traffic areas. Use this mat as a bathroom mat and make it an exquisite add-up to any bath doorway that can help absorbs moisture– so that your flooring remains dry and lush. This antislip bath mat will give your front door a pleasant, and coastal feel. Also known as a memory foam bath mat, this high-end doormat is both practical and beautiful.

Product Features:

  • Anti Slip Bathroom Mats Water Absorbing
  • East to Clean, Washable.
  • It is Perfect for Make Your Bathroom a Modern Look.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Enhance The Beauty Of Your Bathroom.
  • Long-Term Use.


  • Size: 50 x 80 cm (1 ft 8 in x 2 ft 4 in)
  • Material: Memory Foam.
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Care instructions: Machine Wash (Do not Iron)
Greet your visitors with subtle decorative charm with these elegant yet modernistic and luxurious Door Mats from Imperial Rooms. Enhance your home's elegant and lavish feel with these opulent-looking Door Mats.

Futuristic Design

Door Mats are always placed at room and home entrances to remove any filth from your shoes. So, Door Mats will be the one that will catch visitor’s first look. Imperial Rooms offer these premium Door Mats with modernistic designs that are both elegant and luxurious. These unique, impressive designs will enhance your home's lavishness and sumptuous feel.

Water Absorbing

The primary purpose of a doormat is to absorb all dust and moisture that your feet & shoes are carrying and can make your home dirty. For this aim, Imperial Rooms built these Door Mats with memory foam and absorbent sponges that are highly water-absorbing materials to allow these door mats to absorb moistures and keep your space clean.

Indoor and Outdoor Usage

You can pace door mats indoors and outdoors to keep your home clean. Outside Door Mats are placed at your home entrances, while indoor Door Mats are for room entrances. According to our customer requirements, these Door Mats from Imperial Rooms can be used outdoors and indoors.


Door Mats come in direct contact with your skin when you try to clean your feet, rubbing on the Door Mats. For this purpose, Door Mats should be anti-allergic to prevent any harm to your skin. Imperial Rooms offer its Door Mats with hypoallergenic material to protect your skin from allergies.


When your shoes or feet are on the Door Mats, doormats move along your shoe's motion making it difficult to clean. Imperial Rooms, one solution to all, has come up with these Door Mats built with anti-slip technology to make its usage smooth and keep these Door Mats in the same position while you clean your shoes/feet.

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