Thick Plastic Coloured Kitchen Chopping Board 4 Piece Set

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Built to last, these 4 pieces of colour-coded chopping boards pack is a great addition to the kitchen shelf making the cutting and chopping a breeze. Each chopping board is made from 100% original BPA free plastic and labelled with a specific food group. Soft-grip corners ensure stability in use, while the high-quality non-slip plastic feet make them resistant against shelves, stopping the boards from slipping during use. Comes in quality storage so these index plastic cutting boards hold less space and catch food contamination and spills. A modern illustrated knife-friendly, this set of shapes and styles will complement any kitchen


  • Size: 27.5 cm (Width) x 5.8 cm (Depth) x 18.5 cm (Length)
  • Material: 100% Hygienic BPA Free Plastic
  • Set Include: 4 Piece Chopping Boards with Stand.
    Imperial Rooms offer this pack of 4 highly functional thick plastic coloured chopping boards for making cuting and chopping pretty effortless. These multi-coloured cutting boards are an essential kicthen accessory that will add class to your kitchen decor.

    Purely Hygienic & Healthy

    Kicthen products must be hygienic and safer to use and cutting boards come in direct contact with food, so never compromise on quality. Imperial Rooms cares for your health. We are offering these chopping boards that are manufactured from quality BPA free plastic, entirely safe to use in the kitchen.


    These thick plastic chopping boards come in 4 bright colours each labelled with a specific food group to be used for. These chopping boards can be generally used for both precise cutting and chopping multiple food groups such as meat, fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish.


    These best chopping and cutting boards have soft ends corners that make them highly stable when used for cutting and chopping. Moreover, the high-quality non-slip back feet at each corner add anti-slip properties to every piece, avoiding slipping and sliding over smooth shelves.

    High Durability

    Imperial Rooms is known for its quality products that last for years. These coloured cutting boards are made from original quality plastic that is strong, cut resistant and highly durable. Once you invest in this quality product, stay calm for years to come next.

    Easy Washing

    To fulfil the hygienic standards, cutting and chopping boards need instant washing after every use. Imperial Rooms offer these exclusive cutting boards that are easy to wash without damaging the quality.

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