Soft 2 Piece White Bath Mat Set with Toilet Pedestal

Color: White
Sale price£29.00


With a two-piece coral fleece embossed pattern fleece memory foam bath rug set, you can step out of the shower and into luxury. With a soft and absorbent top layer of soft coral fleece and a memory foam core, you'll be as comfortable as possible while drying off and getting ready for the day. One enormous and one standard-sized rug with a quick-drying bottom are included.


  • It's machine washable and dries quickly. Wash separately the first time you use it for the best results.
  • All-natural materials were used to create this piece.
  • It features a contemporary style and the most popular colours on the market. This item is imported.


Included: It includes one Anti-slip bath mat and one pedestal mat.

Sizes: Bath Mat (Length 60 x Width 100 cm) and Pedestal Mat (Length 50 x Width 60 cm).

Colours: It comes in six eye-catching colours.

Type: It is Anti-slip Bath Mat.

    Specially designed for bathrooms, these luxurious bath mats from Imperial Rooms will prevent your room from moisture that comes with your feet and shoes from the bathroom. Along with cleaning features, these bath mats serve to add a lavish feel to your bathroom.

    Enhanced Elegance

    Imperial Rooms presents these Bath Mats with a collection of contemporary yet elegant designs that will instantly add to the elegance in your bathroom and room, delivering a lavish feel.


    Bath Mats come into direct contact with your feet when you go out of the bathroom. Imperial Rooms offer these Bath Mats with anti-allergic material to keep your skin from allergies, and softness will prevent rashes.


    Imperial Rooms built these marvelous Bath Mats with superb quality 100% pure polypropylene to deliver an upgraded durable product to your product. Now keep your room clean with these long-lasting Bath Mats.

    Efficient Water Absorbers

    When you come out of your washroom, your feet and shoes carry a lot of moisture that will not only make your room floor dirty but can also stain your bedding. Order these marvelous bath mats from Imperial rooms that are built with memory foam and absorbent sponges to add efficient water absorbing features that will absorb all the moisture from your feet and shoes, keeping your room clean and protecting your bedding.

    Trouble-Free Cleaning

    Bath Mats should be maintained regularly to keep these hygienic and odor-free. We offer these Bath Mats in easy-to-wash material that can easily be washed in any washing machine and hand washable.

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