Weighted Blankets Premium Heavy Quality


Color: Grey
Sale price£44.99


Our weighted blanket is built according to the "Deep Pressure Feel Stimulation" concept and is suited for both adults and children to enhance sleeping quality, relieve tension, and sleeplessness, and help you relax. Each part of the blanket is made to equally exert pressure on your body and stimulate every stress point. So choose our weighted blanket for a solid cuddle!


  • Our weighted blanket offers the softness and comfort of a soft hug for a good night's sleep. Sleep comfortably all night and wake up feeling revitalized.
  • Many weighted blankets for adults and children fall apart or wear out in a matter of weeks, causing additional inconvenience. 


  • Size & weight: 122cm x 183cm = 6.8kg | 152cm x 203cm = 9kg.
  • Colours:  Grey and Charcoal.
  • Washing instructions: Dry clean only.

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