10 Ideas For Decorating With Rugs

Carpets are part of the "must have" in terms of decoration. But decorating with a rug isn't just about laying one out in the living room. A carpet, in addition to bringing style to your interior. Allows, for example, to delimit the space. It also allows you to think outside the box if you decide to accumulate them or hang them on the walls.

As you will understand, today we will talk about carpets. If they still suffer from many preconceptions because they would be nests of dust or mites, the different existing models make it possible to find them in all styles, materials, and prices. They can be put in different rooms, and you can easily add a lot of style by daring certain variations.

So, ready to get inspired with 10 ideas for decorating with rugs? If so, then there's only one thing left to do: follow me!

1 - Give style

One of the first functions of a rug in terms of decoration is that it gives style to a space. The rug can bring a touch of colour to brighten a floor. It can also be chosen to warm up a space and thus intensify an atmosphere visually. The oriental rug with burgundy tones I have illustrated for you is a perfect example.

But a rug can also soften a room: if your floor is dark when you want to create a Scandinavian atmosphere, a large rug in light tones can immediately soften your room and thus match the desired style. Another advantage of light rugs is that they visually enlarge a small room.

Finally, note that whatever the objective, you will always have to coordinate your rug with an element of your decoration: the colour of a wall, furniture or a few elements.

2 - Delimit the space

In the previous idea, I told you that a light carpet could make a room look bigger. A little in the same principle, the carpet is also used to delimit a space visually.

Those who have a multifunctional living room rugs and still want to mark the separation between the living room and the dining room can do so with rugs. Playing with different shapes, colours or styles makes each space stand out better.

 The same is true if you want to integrate more specific room corners. Put a rug under your desk or an armchair, and you will see that it is almost magical! You will have the impression of going from "furniture put there just because there was no room elsewhere" to an additional piece in your existing room.

3 - Accumulate mats

This principle is probably seen in decoration magazines or interior decoration store catalogues. Still, you have never tried to do so for fear of not knowing how to combine the carpets well. However, the principle of carpet accumulation is easy to implement:

Always lay the most giant or most neutral rug underneath.

If you use rugs of the same material, play on the different shapes.

You can also combine a rug with a short pile and another with a longer pile. In this case, the first will be under the second.

Beware of patterned rugs: avoid marrying an oriental rug with a more modern rug with graphics so as not to overload the final visual and frighten instead of embellishing.

The accumulation of carpets may seem to some people like something nice to see but have no real function other than purely decorative. Think again! (This is where I make my ultimate argument to convince you to accumulate stacks! )

Have you ever searched desperately for a rug large enough without finding the object of your happiness? The ones you liked and wanted to buy were different from the dimensions or styles you wanted. And yet, the solution to this dilemma is simple and there, right before your eyes: play with the layering of carpets.

Let's say you're desperately trying to find a beautiful rainbow rug for your gorgeous living room. Take a large basic monochrome rug with the desired dimensions. Add one or more other smaller rugs of the desired style. You thus obtain a rug composition of the style and dimensions you were looking for because you have thus succeeded in bringing relief to the simple large starting rug.

4 - Adopt a natural fibre carpet

Natural fibres in decoration are both trendy and timeless. In addition, these materials, which are more "deco-responsible" than synthetics, allow you to bring an authentic and artisanal touch to your decoration. So why are you deprived of it?

Wool, silk, jute, sisal, coconut or cotton, or seagrass are at all prices and in various shapes. So, if you want to decorate and preserve our planet, these rugs are made for you. Plain, square, rectangle, patterned, round rugs two-tone in short, there is bound to be one that will suit you.

5 - Decorate with ethnic rugs

For a warm note, why not opt ​​for an ethnic rug? There is a wide variety:

The best-known carpets are the Shaggy type models, in wool and geometric patterns, or the Vintage rugs type, less thick than the first but more colourful. But there is also the shaggy rug type with fine, silky wool.

Admittedly, the original handmade models remain pretty expensive. But even on a tighter budget, you can decorate with ethnic rugs by opting for "ethnic-inspired" rugs, which are just as beautiful even if less "authentic".

6 - Use vinyl mats

Are you worried about dust mites or dust that could accumulate in a carpet ( because, yes, unless you vacuum all day, dust inevitably accumulates in a carpet )? Are you afraid of not being able to maintain your Berber carpet properly? Do not panic, and you can still afford to have one. Just opt ​​for a vinyl carpet.

Indeed, the absence of fibres ( of course, since it is flat vinyl ) makes the maintenance of these mats child's play: a wipe with a damp cloth and you're done! Indeed, the existing models will never replace the pleasant sensation of wool or silk under your delicate toes, but the existing visuals offer a significant alternative. There are all kinds: classic rectangles with imitation cement tile printing, round rugs, or other patterns such as those that perfectly imitate natural fibre rugs.

Finally, know that if the vinyl is ideal for exteriors or damp rooms, nothing prevents you from putting it in the room of your choice. They go everywhere: from the living room to the kitchen rugs, through the bedroom or the laundry room!

7 - Style a bedroom

Putting a carpet in a room is probably apparent to you. But if I still want to talk about it, we often tend only to place classic "bedroom rugs". You know, that simple rug you buy in duplicate and place on each side of the bed.

So if you want to give your bedroom more style, consider playing with rugs. For example, you can place a huge one under your bed. In this case, it must protrude at least 60cm on each side of the bed. You can also choose to have it protrude from the foot of the bed. Again, let it overhang at least a third of the length of your bed. Another option to give style to your room is to play with the patterns or the rug style. For a bohemian atmosphere, natural fibre rugs, which are fashionable now, make perfect bedside rugs. You can also soften your room even more by opting for round rugs.

Finally, a light carpet with sober patterns is recommended if your room is narrow. On the contrary, for a room large enough or with a simple or monochromatic style, a carpet with varied and colourful patterns can wake up the atmosphere ( Yes, I know . appropriate, but I assure you that only the decoration of the room will be awakened, and you will sleep like a baby ).

8 - Introduce a real carpet in a bathroom

The bathroom is also another room where putting a rug is a no-brainer. But again, to stand out or especially stylize this room, replace your simple bath mat with a real rug. Admittedly, the primary use of a rug in a bathroom is to be able to get on it once you get out of the shower or the bathtub without getting your entire floor wet. But, admit it, you rarely find yourself dripping from head to toe in front of the sink ( unless you manage to shower and brush your teeth while in the shower and in front of your mirror simultaneously! ).

In short, all this is to try to convince you that it is possible to put something other than a simple bath mat in your bathroom! Look at the few examples I have selected; you can only crack!

9 - Enhance your exterior

The exteriors, terraces or balconies are also places where a carpet can be put. They add an essential touch of atmosphere to create a cosy space. But if this exterior is outside, that is to say, that it is not protected from the rain or the sun, be careful not to choose a carpet that would not be suitable.

Indeed, this time there is no question of putting a woollen rug or a luxurious Persian rug which does not support water at all. Opt instead for a seagrass rug, for example, which will withstand the sun's rays if your exterior is covered and protected from the rain. Adopt a vinyl or synthetic outdoor rug that can withstand light rain if your exterior is not sheltered. So before setting your sights on the first carpet, you like, make sure before buying that it is UV resistant and waterproof. Also, remember to clean it regularly to avoid mould that could damage it.

10 - Hang rugs on the walls

Are you looking for an original wall decoration? Do you want to create a headboard? Have you set your sights on a magnificent carpet that you don't even dare to put it on the floor? Hanging a rug on the wall is not a crazy idea but an idea that can solve these three problems. I had already suggested it in my article devoted to headboards. A carpet or several small carpets can very well act as a headboard. The surface of the carpet or carpets were chosen must be proportional to the space to be covered.

To secure your rug to the wall, you will also need to ensure that it is manageable so that the vertical position is bearable over time and does not deform it. To hang it, you can opt for Velcro picture hangers if your rug is light. You can also attach it to a wooden stick or branch, put a rope on it, and hang it like a dream catcher. Or you can also fix it with eyebolts. So, are you ready to embrace more rugs in your life? As you have seen, there is something for all styles, all tastes and all prices. Get off the beaten track and dare! There is bound to be a room in your home that a simple rug can stylize! In any case, I hope that my ten ideas for decorating with rugs can inspire you because now it's up to you! And as usual, do not hesitate to share your other ideas, and your impressions, in the comments, by private message or by posting photos of your achievements on social networks!