Modern Living Room Curtains Ideas

Every single thing matters when it comes to decorating a house. You need to be careful about colors, style, accessories and furnishing. Along with these things, one must not ignore the importance of drapes and curtains. When you say curtains for the house, you refer to curtains for the bedroom, living room, TV lounge, sunrooms, kitchen and bathroom. However, the living room curtains need to be chosen more wisely than others. Because drawing is the central part of your house and when any guest arrives, he/she sits there, moreover it is commonplace for family gatherings and spending quality time. The curtains for living rooms are available in several colors, designs, and styles.

Living room curtains not only make the drawing rooms look beautiful but also enhance the interior. Follow the following tips to select the right curtains for your drawing room;
  Choose different colors for living room curtains. Play with the colors, textures, and patterns for a better selection. Always keep the privacy point in view when selecting the curtains for your drawing room.  To add privacy, go for thick (velvet) or layered curtains or go for sheer curtains to add lightness to the room. Bold and retro prints can create a chic and trending look. Focus on basic and simple curtains if you are not aware of trends and only go for different colored lights with dark-toned curtains & do not run too much after contrast. Add a window to make your drawing room look brighter & add other accessories to make your curtains look more beautiful. Match the curtain’s color with furniture, floor and other accessories. 
Well, the length of the living room curtains has always been under discussion. There are many options for selecting the length. Here we are listing the top three trending lengths for living room curtains, choose the one you want…
The Floor Length living room curtains Floor-length drawing-room curtains are the most common and famous choice. In this hanging, the curtains are hung from the ceiling straight toward the floor and are kept one to two inches above the floor. Floor-length is used mostly in houses having lower ceilings. These curtains are easy to open and handle.  The puddle Length living room curtains The Puddle length living room curtains are selected for a classy and different look.  These curtains are approximately 6 inches longer than the floor-length. These curtains look extremely beautiful and extravagant. The only disadvantage is that they are not easy to open and close. They have a touch of warmth and a relaxed atmosphere to the place. These curtains are not suitable for a place where the owner has pets.  The Apron Length living room curtains The Apron length curtains are most used casually and are the best choice in a kid-friendly home
These curtains do not have any constraint about length. They work well on high ceilings and windows.  These curtains are easy to open and close; they do not collect any dust on the bottom. Latest Trends in drawing room curtains are Bold Patterns, Sheer Curtain Panels, Metallic Colors, Natural Materials, and Neutral Tones.

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Living Room Curtain collection at Imperial Rooms:  We offer various styles at Imperial Rooms, here’s the list
  • Elegant Living Room Curtains.
  • Fancy Living Room Eyelet Curtains.
  • Living room Window Curtains.
  • A formal living room lined curtains.
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Our drawing-room curtains color scheme includes black, pink, red, grey, silver, beige, blue, caramel & golden color. We also offer both plain and caramel curtains in different types i.e., Pleated curtains, Pencil pleat curtains, & Eyelet curtains. Care tips for drawing room curtains;
Read all the cleaning instructions before cleaning the drawing-room curtains. If the instruction labels say to hand wash only. Do not use a washing machine to wash them or it will damage the texture and fade the color of curtains.  Always clean the chenille and velvet curtains by hand and wring up to remove the water and air dry them to avoid wrinkles.
Always use a mild detergent and cold water to wash the curtains. Because a string detergent contains chemicals that fade the color and weakens the fibers which result in curtain damage & hot water that can destroy the texture of velvet, chenille, and wollen curtains. Vacuum clean the curtains regularly to remove the dust and debris and avoid the curtains from looking dirty. Run the vacuum cleaner in the direction of the pile for proper cleaning. There you go! Follow these simple steps to get the best looking and smelling curtains…