Extra Deep Fitted Sheet (25cm And 40cm) – How Do You Choose?

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving new bedsheets, putting them on, and discovering that the corners keep coming off because the sheet is just a little too tiny. It can be not accessible to precisely reach into the corners of your mattress while being mindful not to undo the sheet at the opposite end. Purchasing a larger sheet is only sometimes the solution, though. If it's too huge, you'll have extra material that can make sleeping uncomfortable and look untidy. Once you've fitted your new sheets, you want them to have a flawless fit, a smooth finish, and to stay put.

A 25 cm and 40 cm extra deep fitted sheets offer all the comfort of a fitted sheet but with added depth to allow for a deep mattress or toppers. Fitted sheets provide dependable, additional support all night long, in addition to the safety and comfort that come from sleeping on a flat sheet on top of your mattress. Have you ever slept on a bed where the bottom sheet ripped off, and you woke up on a naked mattress? The wrong fitted sheet sizes combined with tossing and turning or sharing a bed with a spouse can cause you to wake up tangled!

You'll know right away which size of extra deep fitted sheets 40cm or 25cm to choose for your bed. It should go without saying, but how do you know if your sheets won't suddenly pop off the corner and force you to make your bed again? The three steps we use to find the right size fitted sheet for a double or single bed are detailed below. We have all the assistance you need to have a good night's sleep tonight, regardless of the size or depth of your bed.

Size Up Your Mattress

Although it may seem obvious, the best place to begin is by accurately measuring your mattress cover and referring to the website's exact specs. Starting at one of the corners of the mattresses, we advise measuring vertically from the bottom seam to the top using a measuring tape.

It's necessary to measure the distance from the top seam of the mattress topper to the bottom if one is being used (or if your mattress has one built-in). In order to give yourself enough room to cover, we suggest selecting a 40 cm depth. To get you started, glance at our mattress sizing chart.

Fabric Options For An Extra Deep-Fitted Sheet

With so many different bedding materials available, it is impossible to know what to search for. However, other possibilities are available, including various colours, designs, and styles, as well as numerous methods to infuse your personality.

Egyptian Cotton

Probably, you've heard of this high-end cotton, but why all the fuss? Because of the fibre's strength, length, and fineness, a soft, fine fabric with an excellent drape is produced. Egyptian cotton, which is typically seen in upscale hotels, is a top seller worldwide and is offered in a range of thread counts.

Sustainable Alternatives

Why should we neglect our bedrooms as we strive to make the world more sustainably populated? Retailers are putting in more effort to guarantee that the goods they introduce to the market positively affect the environment.

Cotton Supima

This cotton, regarded as the "Cashmere of Cottons," is also used to make towels and dressing gowns. The vibrant, smooth sateen weave is made possible by the cotton fibres' extra-long staple length.

A Silk Bedsheet

Sleeping on silk, which is praised for its aesthetic benefits, not only feels smooth but also hydrates your skin and prevents wrinkles and hair loss. It is beautiful for the summer because it regulates your body's temperature, wicking heat away to keep you cool—a fantastic choice for a bedsheet for your bed.

Make Sure The Dimensions Are Just Correct

It's time to go shopping once you know what size mattress and fabric you want. We usually advise selecting a fitted sheet with a depth of 40 cm or 25 cm, commonly referred to as an "extra deep" fitted sheet, if you sleep on a mattress with an integrated topper or another layer. This offers plenty of room to enclose you and prevent the sheet's corners from rising while you sleep.

In order to ensure a good tuck-in and prevent the usual issue of your sheets coming off in the middle of the night, it is best to purchase your fitted sheet at least 8 cm deeper than your mattress.