A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Eyelet Curtains
If you have just bought a new residence and are looking to refresh your apartment's existing space, purchasing curtains are among the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your home with convenience. Curtains not only add a new feel to your room, but they’re also functional, as well! You can also save bucks on them as well mount them yourself, with some tips and advice.  Drapes make a home, as any designer would tell you the very same thing, and only when appropriately selected. It's a matter of color and material, style and type, size and padding, and specially designed vs readymade when it comes to window treatments. 

Eyelet Curtains: Buying Guide 

The header of the curtains tells a lot about a room's design, but it can be selected with space's ultimate environment in mind. eyelet panels are also well accentuated by a contemporary room. They look fantastic and match modern decor better.  Ringlet panels stylishly accentuate formal spaces. To elegant décor, sequin headers will add a spectacular and intricate flair. Well, if you are in the curtains market and you're not certain where to get started, keep on reading. We have you covered with a realistic guide for buying ready-made eyelet curtains!

Fabric is an important aspect of selecting shades, as the material can decide how well your curtains fit with time and hold up.   If they're too thick, they will not fall finely while stretched; too delicate ones will also not fall well.  So, work for a wide sample, at least 2 yards, as a tiny piece can not show the true drape of the cloth. As well, note that fabrics can fade with daylight over time. It's wise to avoid bright colors if the space in question receives a bit more light because they seem to disappear quicker. Cotton, linen, faux silk, and crushed velvet are the perfect options to go for window coverings whenever it comes to fabrics because they seem to hang perfectly. Faux silk appears as being the most robust because it does not wither away as easily as natural silk in an especially sunny room.  Certain materials may actually keep the cold away. Many resorts use suede, silk, tapestry, or corduroy because their thickness helps trap sunlight and keep the heat in. However, almost any fabric can be interlined with a bump into a dense, insulation material. And interlining also can further extend the life of the fabric, note that interlining is a piece of fabric placed between the lining and the face material. Preferably, the shade of your shades should be in harmony with the majority of the furniture. You may either pick or compare the curtains that integrate with the decor. Choose curtains in a color that match the hue of your ceilings for an appealing look. Conversely, use a color that blends with the decor and walls if you really want the fabric shades to be the highlight.

Curtains' Optimum Length 

The most important feature of panels is their thickness because when you install them, length decides how the curtain appears overall. A few inches will make something different so do not overlook them. There are three most common lengths when it comes to eyelet curtains. Although any home will have precise dimensions, depending on the drop of the shades, we all are certainly standardized norms.  Based on length, here are all the popular types of eyelet curtains that you'd like to consider;  Float: Float may imply half apron-length panels or the ones that avoid reaching the floor & are a few inches short from full-length drapes.  Kiss-length: A curtain is considered a 'kiss' drape as the brim of the shades bumps against the floor. In order to create the best designer look possible, you need the precise dimensions of your windows.  Puddle: This is when the curtains' hemline is marginally larger than that of the window length. And the panels are long enough to 'puddle.' While it appears romantic, so for parts of the house in which there is a lot of activity, this size is not functional. It is because people can trip and fall really fast.  Pro-Tip: Always mount the panel rods higher or lower to the ceilings if you have got a small room. This makes the area larger than it actually is.

Width of panels

It takes about three times additional material on most covers & window treatments to have the right fullness of display when configured on the rod than the real width of the frame.  Measure, from left to right, when it comes to the width of the rod. A standard law for correctly viewing curtains suggests the final width of the curtains must be at least 2 times the size of the window to produce an appearance of sufficient fullness (if not more - sheers should be 3 times the width of the window).  For eg, if your frame is 36" wide (window width x 2 = 72"), you will need shades which will offer a clear thickness of 72" or 2 panels." In this scenario, 2 panels would have a width of around 100" to 120" that will look good and complete. Often add up to the maximum amount that follows.  Popular multipliers of fullness (multiply by the calculated width): 

  • Multiply  by 2 for Normal Fullness  
  • Multiply by 2.5 for Deluxe fullness  
  • Multiply by 3 for Ultra Fullness

Know When To Shop

Shoppers know the right time to buy anything is here. The general rule is when stores drop rates to make way for new supplies (hint: here are a few ideas of what to buy in winter, summer, fall). A perfect time to shop is in January when it comes to purchasing curtains.  It is because in January or time around it many shoppers offer new year, Christmas, & holiday sales. Therefore, you will be able to win luxury products at a percentage of the selling value by shopping throughout this peak selling season.  A decent time to buy curtains would be during August's college move-in season. Many retailers sell discounted prices on bedroom essentials, such as shades, during this time. This is really a particularly great place to look whether you're purchasing curtains for a bedroom for a teenager or kid.  If you absolutely can not wait until those times of the year, at off-price dealers, you can find fantastic discounts on curtains year-round. Check sure the platform has a reasonable refund policy if you shop online, just in case the shades do not exactly match your specifications when they come

Synchronize the curtain pattern with the décor of the room

Drapes have a huge influence on the overall effect of a room, so you'll have to worry about the existing aesthetic style of the room. Airy, modern rooms fit well with clear shades that are lightweight. With stacked panels or heavy fabrics, formal spaces must be accentuated. Think of the room's present effect and how you'd like to link the curtains with it.  For eg, if the decoration in a bedroom is already crowded, think about pulling out a signature wall design with a simple background color. Then use it as the motif of a monochromatic curtain.  Drapes should still be connected to the room's style. If confidentiality is a concern, ensure that the curtains cover the whole width of the windows and when they are drawn closed,  nothing can be seen through.

Take into account the room's scale and accessibility

In small spaces, avoid large, bulky curtains, which would make them feel crowded. Wide, airy rooms with sleek & full-length panels look fantastic. Think about each room's versatility to make sure the shades in that room sound right. hIn any room, do not use the very same style and color scheme, try to make each space highly special and personalized. Your bedrooms and kitchens ought not to have the same shades, for instance. Kitchens normally require more sunlight than a room and, like denim, the fabric should be something which you can wash regularly. For more aesthetic purposes, bedroom lace curtains can be selected with less emphasis placed on light and longevity.

The secret to a stunning visual interest is the rod. This can make the curtain appearance look off when they're put too high or too low, but are the wrong size for your frame. Usually, shades should be placed 4–6 inches over your window base, providing a spectacular impact to your windows.  There is so much more about window treatment beyond curtains and rods. With lovely curtain equipment, accessorize the shades! Tiebacks, rings, hoops, and lift kits will all carry the frames to a new level entirely. You can find the right curtain hardware for your decoration both online and in the market.  Remember that when it comes to Eyelet Curtains, hardware, as well as the rod of panels, can be seen clearly. Therefore, it is really important to pay attention to the hardware and other accessories. The rod you acquire has to be small enough to slip via the rings of the curtain.  The bulk of rods should be small enough to achieve this, but having the precise dimensions will not damage your panels while hanging. Check the packaging that comes with your curtains.

Pay attention to the Maintenance of Curtains

Whenever it comes to curtains, cleaning is a primary consideration.  You do not need to clean panels on a regular basis, it is best to clean curtains at least every 6 months. If you plan to clean your shades more frequently, use cotton or synthetic fibers curtains. Ready-made shades may typically be machine-washed, but intense ironing is necessary.  The only cleaning option for stylish or thick curtains with linings is dry cleaning. And you are vigilant in wearing your shades, the better they might last.


We typically save the possibility of purchasing curtains until the end when making the interior spaces for a house. But nobody really believes that choosing curtains is a simple job. Firstly curtains are such an asset; they are hardly inexpensive. Secondly, they will make the appearance of your home or ruin it. So it can't be an acquisition you take lightly.


Here are a few FAQ’s that might help you answer our questions, have a quick look!

What are Eyelet Curtains?

According to the dense folds of cloth, which run in continuous lines from top to bottom, eyelet curtains are very trendy and build a spectacular attribute of a window. Eyelet curtains often hang from a pole that is threaded through rings made of metal.  The curtain is sewn precisely into the material with loops so that the rail can pass through the top of the curtain itself. These rings are called curtain grommets, or eyelets. The curtains are set in a concertina pattern on the column, producing large deep pleats.

How to Hang Eyelet Curtains?

  1. Curtains for eyelets are for poles only. No hooks or rings are needed, so before you start, simply release them from the pole. 
  2. Keeping the curtain against you with the face of the cloth, fold the first eyelet away from you and thread the eyelet onto the pole of the curtain. 
  3. You should put the first eyelet on the outside rim of the pole bracket to prevent the whole curtain from slipping into the center of the window when you close the curtains. This, at the end of the curtain pole, will protect the outside edge of the curtain. 
  4. When the entire curtain has been attached to the pole, continue bending the eyelets towards and away from you in a concertina style.

How to Measure for Eyelet Curtains?


There should be eyelet curtains suspended from curtain poles. To achieve the distance, simply measure between the finials (the decorative ends). 


The inner side of the eyelet is set 3 cm from the top of the curtain, so when measuring, you have to enable this or your curtains will be 3 cm too short! Measure from the top of the pole to where the curtains end and add 3 cm to where you like.

How to Measure Fabric for Eyelet Curtains?

You need between 1.5 times fullness (adequate) and 2.25 times fullness for eyelet curtains (maximum). You will need to make sure that on your finished curtains you have an even amount of eyelets. There are 8 eyelets per meter of tape on our eyelet curtain header tape.

How to use Eyelet tape for Eyelet Curtains?

Step 1 & 2:

Only sew the tape onto the fabric's back to make sure the plastic clips are clear. Just take the lining to the bottom row of the stitching on the tape while lining your curtain.  The fabric is carefully cut away from the inside of the eyelets. Do not concern about frayed edges; any unkempt edges will be covered by the eyelet rings.

Step 3:

Clip-on your chosen eyelet ring

Step 4:

Hook the plastic spacers together to achieve the desired fullness.

Which way do you Hang Eyelet Curtains?

  1. Merely thread the curtain pole through the curtain eyelets. 
  2. Do not thread onto the pole with the outer edge eyelet. On the outside of the frame, which is used to connect the pole to either the wall or ceiling, this eyelet suits. It will avoid the curtain from moving all the way across the window by adding the eyelet outside the frame. 
  3. They will automatically fold into accommodating folds once the eyelet curtains have been inserted onto the curtain pole.

How to Wash Eyelet Curtains?

There are many ways to wash eyelet curtains: 1.Cleaning with Washing Machine
  1. Hand-Washing the Curtains
  2. Heavy Curtain Cleaning
  3. Cleaning Curtain Rods And Rings
  4. Steam Cleaning

Low maintenance fabrics: 

Look for cotton or synthetic fabrics if you are looking for curtains that need to be washed twice a year. If they are unlined, these can be machine washed or else offer a simple hand wash to your lined curtains. For those with dust allergies or children and pets at home, a perfect choice.

High maintenance fabrics:

Irrespective of the fabric, any curtain with pleats or swags must be dry cleaned. However, to preserve their colors and form, linen, silk, and sheer curtains must be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water.

What are Eyelet Ring top Curtains?

A modern curtain heading for use with curtain poles is the Eyelet curtains or Ring Top curtains. The heading of the eyelet gives big, even gentle pleats and is so-called because instead of a standard header tape, they have metal rings at the top of the curtain.  This implies that an eyelet curtain does not need as much stuff as it does not need to be collected in the same way as a curtain with a taped heading. Eyelet curtains are not appropriate for certain tracks, valleys, or bay windows. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, tell us in the comments below!