How to choose a bed cover and how to match it with the atmosphere of the room.

What kind of item is a bed cover in the first place?

If you usually use a bed, do you use a "bed cover" together? And do you know their role? As we introduced in our previous article, " The Difference Between Bed Pads and Bed Cover, " you can use a bed pad that protects your mattress from night sweats and stains or a bed pad that makes your sleep more comfortable. There may not be many people who have them. In the first place

What are bedspreads used for?. What are the disadvantages of not using it?

It is also true that its role and necessity are not well known. Bedspreads play a vital role in making the bed and coordinating the bedroom. In this article,

The leading role of bed making is "bed cover." I would like to introduce about.

A bedspread, also called a bedspread, is a cover that covers the entire bed over the comforter. It also has a role in preventing the comforter from getting dirty, but it is often used as an item for coordination and is one of the standard beddings in Imperial Rooms. Let's take a closer look at the role and charm of such a "bed cover"!

Let's think about coordination with an emphasis on decorative roles!

Bed covers are available in various colours and patterns, but in UK, most quilt covers have been designed, so the number of people who use bedspreads may be in the minority.

On the other hand, most quilt covers overseas are plain, so you don't notice it when you go to bed, but when you look at the bed as an interior,

  • The area around the bed looks stark.
  • Also, a bed cover solves that problem.
  • The bedding should be removed at bedtime.

Because it is used, it is not bedding for adjusting comfort or improving sleep quality. Also, it is not an item for lying on the bed with shoes on like a bed throw,

Coordinating items to improve the appearance of the bed. So it's not necessarily a necessity.

However, many interior enthusiasts reading this column want to coordinate their bedrooms even when they are not in use! I think that's what you're thinking, so it's an essential item from that point of view.

The bedspread covers most of the bed except for the pillows.

Great visual impression

There is a feature that affects the atmosphere of the bedroom. For example, if the entire bedroom has a chic look, but the bedspread is a bright colour, it will not match. Also, if the pillowcases' colours and patterns are inconsistent, it will throw off the balance of the entire bedroom. Bed sheet colour scheme technique that does not destroy the colour of the base.

Presence or absence of colour.



However, if you don't choose the colour scheme and atmosphere of the entire bedroom, only the area around the bed will look floating. Even if you take it off when you go to bed, appearance is still important, so I would like to choose a colour scheme that has a sense of cohesion.

Here, let's look at some standard coordination for bedcover colour schemes.

  • Match the colour of the curtains.
  • 3. Match the colour of the flooring and rugs.
  • . 4. Match the colour and pattern of the pillow cover
  • . 5. Match the colour of the wallpaper

Use a colour that is opposite to the overall colour of the room.

If you want to create a sense of luxury, it is recommended that you do not change the colour tone of the entire bedroom and add contrast with materials such as glossy bedspreads. If you want to create a modern bedroom with a lesser sense of everyday life, use dark colours such as grey and navy, and use pillow covers to create a sense of unity. Others.

If you want an accent as a focal point

Using patterned bedspreads that contain greenery instead of houseplants is also helpful. If you break the colour tone of the entire room, the other furniture and items will also be confused, so if you have a natural room, you can use brown or beige, and if it is modern, you can use grey or black to create a sense of unity. The point is to let Bedspreads aren't as expensive as furniture, so it's a good idea to experiment with them depending on the season or your mood.