Heavy Duty Rubber Mat Dirt Trapper Entrance Anti Slip Door Mat Brown

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The Imperial Room provide a heavy duty non-slip rubber mat in a rich brown colour for placement at the front entrance, so friends and family may use it to clean off their shoes as soon as they enter. It's an excellent accessory for any space, inside or out, that gets a lot of foot traffic, including garages. The sleek external design is ideal for use in hallways, entryways, kitchens, terraces, staircases, and porches and complements various home décor styles.

Our entry door mat can swiftly absorb moisture and promptly clean dirt, sludge, snow, mud, rain and snow off shoes, keeping the floor fresh and dry. So Use this beautiful nonslip heavy duty rubber mat rubber mat to tidy your personal space.


  • For further safety, the traction has been improved. Dirt and debris are scraped off the shoes with this tool.
  • Concealed wells keep moisture and dirt out. It can also withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.


    • Design and Pattern: It is available in a rectangular shape.
    • Color Available: Grey, Burgundy & Brown.
    • Size: 40CM X 60CM, 50CM X 80CM, 60CM X 90CM, 80CM X 150CM & 80CM X 300CM.
    • Material:  It is made up of Rubber material.
    Let the dirt and debris sit on these high-quality rubber dirt trapper entrance doormats that are particularly designed for this purpose and keep the floor tiles neat and clean. Uplift your home decor to the next level with these contemporary doormats that are highly functional too.

    Anti-Slip Back

    Doormats are supposed to stick to their place when you clean off the shoes. Imperial Rooms introduces the door entrance mats built with a strong anti-slip technology that holds the mats in place while you clean the shoes over it and makes them feel flat and smooth underfoot.

    Efficient Water Absorbers

    The sole purpose of a doormat is to soak all dust and moisture that comes with your shoes and can make your home messy. For this, Imperial Rooms introduces these PVC Door Mats with quality rubber that carries high water and dust absorbing properties.

    Indoor & Outdoor Use

    These high-end PVC rubber doormats can be placed both indoors and outdoors to keep your space tidy. These doormats when placed outside at your door entrances look more welcoming and elegant. However, these can also be used indoors as well. It is totally up to your choice.

    High Durability

    Imperial Rooms designed these spectacular doormats with superb quality rubber material to make them highly durable with an elevated touch to your place. These fantastic doormats keep your home clean and can last for years.

    Easy Washing

    It is obvious that Door Mats will get dirty quickly because we use them to wipe dirt and debris from our shoes when entering our homes. PVC Rubber, the material used to manufacture these doormats, is easily washable, making them easy to maintain and stylish to look at.

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