Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Best Ways to Elevate Your Cooking Place

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home that you can’t afford to leave in its boring and dull condition for long. It is a place that is considered the soul of your house. It is a part of your home that you can easily transform into an attractive section by implementing some great kitchen remodeling ideas.

A pleasingly remodeled kitchen doesn’t only enrich the magnificence of your abode but also enhances its worth. The cooking place needs to have an amazing appearance like all other rooms of your house. You should keep it stylish and well-organized.

Why Is It Important to Style Your Kitchen?

For everyone today, cooking has become a matter of the worst form of irony. Everyone has a super busy routine and does not have time for standing for hours in the kitchen preparing food for the family.

Although, we love dining at our favorite restaurants and spending some quality time with our loved ones. But eating out every now and again results in poor health unenergetic behaviors and do nothing but make you addicted with their added trans fats, better taste, and a lot of hunger evoking delicious odor.

According to the research, 36% of Americans eat food daily at food eateries by 3 years from now which obviously would have increased with each passing year. This might be the reason for the higher obesity rate in the U.S, with no sign of a decline in the following years. This unhealthy food has loads of fats, sugars, and salts that will slowly kill us inside after ten years, if not now. Life will get busier and busier every passing day; all you need to do is control your eating-out habits and start cooking at home.

The food prepared at home is healthy, inexpensive, and, of course, as delicious as you like. So, next time you stand in a long drive-thru line or grab some ready-made food from the supermarket shelves, think about these bad sides and drag your hand away from them and push yourself straight into your kitchen.

Turn Your Boring Kitchen into a Pleasant Cooking Place

So what if you have a boring kitchen and each time you enter and come back with a ‘’eww’’ face. If this is the case, let us help you remodel your cooking place with a couple of simple and budget-friendly hacks.

Upgrading your kitchen is easier than you think it is. Read on further and check for the following revamping ideas that most cooking lovers take for granted. So, let's get started!

1.   Modernizing Kitchen Backsplash

Upgrading your kitchen by adding a new backsplash is one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods to provide your cooking place with a modern feel. This is for two reasons:

  1. A) No kitchen remodel is finished without a fresh Backsplash, and
  2. B) The portion of the cooking that gets the greatest use/abuse is the backsplash, as the backsplash is impervious to anything from food spills to hot oil splatters.

Make a decision on whether you choose to update the material or simply re-do the style when it comes to changing your countertop backsplash. Think about repainting your countertop if you're short on both time and money.

Your current material can be used to create an entirely new look, or you can just add a shade of color. You can use a stencil to make a design in an additional accent color if you're creatively inspired. Kitchen backsplash designs are numerous when you can't afford a full remodel.

2.   Fresh Cabinets for Remodel

The appearance and feel of new cabinets in the kitchen change the whole ambiance of your cooking place. You will love cooking in such a fresh and renewed flair without getting bored and stuck. Choosing new cabinets is one of the greatest methods to elevate the place.

The cabinets in the kitchen are frequently found to be loose on their hinges, giving the room an antiquated and neglected appearance. Even if you are on a tight kitchen decor budget and lack the necessary tooling mastery(in short, tighten screws!), there are many options when it comes to the cabinet.

You get everything you need to put together the Ready To Assemble RTA             kitchen cabinets when you order them. The RTA kitchen cabinets save you a lot of money on labor costs, which means you have more money to spend on other kitchen decorating items. Solid wood drawers with dovetail construction, on the other hand, look great and endure a long time.

3.   Don’t Overlook Flooring.

For the most part, kitchen floor refinishing is an expensive undertaking, but a few things will give elegant kitchen decor a new lease of life.

No doubt, hardwood kitchen flooring is the most well-known benchmark option for kitchen exteriors. There are a lot of conflicts and exceptions within hardwood, though. However, it absorbs humidity and changes its textures with temperature alterations.

For a good explanation, oak and walnut wood are other options in the most prevalent hardwoods. As a long-lasting and stain-resistant wood with an eye-catching, natural texture, both hold good repute.

But still, if you are thinking to be going a long way with the same flooring, then it must be something highly durable, easily washable, and do not compromise on the deluxe touch; nothing could be better than vinyl and ceramic tiles. This looks spectacular when used on the countertop for a rustic feel.

4.   Throw a Kitchen Mat Rug

One of the simplest ways to give your kitchen an upgrade is by adding some decorative touches such as placing a rug or kitchen mat under the sink (if there isn't one already). This will not only protect your floors from water damage but also create an eye-catching focal point when people walk into the place!

On another way, a nice way to add some personality to your kitchen floor is by adding a bright kitchen rug. It will add comfort when you're standing up cooking for hours and make it easier on the soles of your feet during food preparation sessions.

You can buy a kitchen mat or rug from Imperial Rooms for elevating the look of your cooking area. You will find the extensive kicthen mat collection kitchen at our online store.  These rugs are in stock in an array of hues and designs that will fit best any type of kicthen decor theme.

From bold patterns to more minimalistic designs, you will be able to find something that fits your aesthetic. If you have not placed a mat rug on the floor of your kitchen yet, then it is time for you to look no further and give your kitchen a fresh look is by throwing in a rug or two. 

5.   Open up the Area with Kitchen Island

Despite the size of your kitchen island, it serves as a focal point and is thus the most important thing in a kitchen remodel. Many people prefer natural stones like granite and marble over man-made ones like quartz because of the wide range of options they provide without sacrificing durability.

Be sure that the new kitchen island isn't too giant, otherwise, it will not fit the place and seems odd. Allow at least 36 to 48 inches of space on both sides.

It's possible that 24 inches of width will be more than adequate for each individual. Moreover, these counters should be designed such that they are at a comfortable height for your guests.

Your island becomes more user-friendly and diversified without increasing its cost by customizing it to your liking. Think about adding hanging light fixtures to your kitchen island for a dramatic touch.

There might be a chance that you're working with an excellent designer on your kitchen remodel. But there is no guarantee that they will have all of the kitchen remodeling ideas that you are looking for. It's usually good to look at kitchen remodeling ideas for inspiration and to save money and decide on one that hits your mind.

6.   Invest in New Cooking Essentials/Appliances

If you love cooking, then this is the best idea that can make you fall in love with it even more than before. Investing in new pots, pans, cutting boards, and other cooking essentials is a great way to get inspired when you work in your kitchen remodeling.

Preparing meals faster and more effectively can also be aided by replacing outdated cooking utensils with modern ones. After all, everyone enjoys working on brand new utensils, right?

If you have a blender that doesn't work anymore or pots, pans, and chopping boards with dents and scratches, then you may want to think about replacing them. However, cooking essentials can be pretty expensive.

It's a good idea to search for products with reasonable price tags or until there is a sale at stores like Imperial Rooms offers the bamboo wooden chopping board or plastic chopping board set o making the chopping, slicing, and cutting an effortless task.

Moreover, after years of use, the appliances like stove tops or ovens start to look worn out. Before you replace them entirely, consider whether you can update them instead. You can find new knobs for the stove and oven, or even just a new faceplate that will make it feel like new again.

7.   Opt for Open Shelve System

To create a dramatic difference between your new kitchen and the one you had from your grandmother, you should absolutely opt for open shelves. More people are nowadays warming up to the notion of open shelves, which displays an elicit touch that sets your cooking place in a way that everyone appreciates the idea.

There are so many different ideas to style a kitchen with shelving. Opt for wooden open shelving racks to display the backsplash, wallpaper, or paint in the kitchen, or you could even blend and match with the cabinet doors too.

Display your favorite cookbooks, crockery, and teacups on shelves between windows or in kitchen corners instead of doing away with the cabinets altogether.

Make it more artistic by putting in hooks to hang things or by using beautiful boxes and baskets to give a dash of class. For kitchens in need of a little more oomph, undercabinet lighting is a must-have.

8.   Be Innovative with Lighting

When it comes to a kitchen makeover, one of the best ways to achieve the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics is to get creative (and smart!) with the lighting fixtures. In terms of kitchen remodeling tactics, this is one of the numerous cost-effective tactics out there.

Mixing and blending different light fixtures in different nooks in the kitchen helps generate the desired appearance. If you're exploring renovating lighting or heavy-duty task lighting, you must set up the design and budget accordingly. There are several options for kitchen lighting.

We recommend using LED ceiling lights for task lighting and cost-effectiveness. Aside from saving money, these lights are also good for the environment.

The wow impact will be amplified if you install pendant lighting over your kitchen counter or dining area table. Even sophisticated rail lighting can be used to create soft lighting.

The dining area can be lighted up with dimmer switches if you expect to spend a lot of time there. Hanging new lights in your kitchen is a great way to spruce it up, no matter what your budget or purpose is.

9.   Paint It Up

Repainting the walls acquire a picture-perfect kitchen and it is all that is required by a dull, rough, and filthy kitchen. Using kitchen paint ideas, you can easily and affordably transform your cooking space.

The kitchen is typically overlooked when it comes to painting, despite the fact that it is the most used room in the house. Also, the kitchen's walls take a lot of filth, and the rest of the home may not require a re-paint for some time.

The dirty stains on a kitchen's walls from steam, liquids, and food preparation happen more often. When repainting a kitchenette, bear in mind that the color and texture you pick should go well with the rest of the place and be able to withstand oil and heat.

If you don't need a complete home re-paint, you can save money by doing kitchen repaint yourself. As you are in charge of the kitchen remodeling, you can let your imagination go wild.

It makes absolute sense to devour some time by choosing the correct shade when it comes to the kitchen paint. Colors that have a strong visual effect and are in harmony with the other accessories should be chosen.

Light color paint particularly gives a refreshing vibe to the kitchen, especially in the summertime. During this period of the season, you might also be hunting for cooling down the cooking place. Consider blackout curtains on the kitchen window that is facing the direct sunlight.

10. Recharge the Look with New Hardware

In addition to a fresh coat of paint, updating your kitchen's hardware is a smart idea while you're decoding it. Kitchen hardware, on the other hand, is not as enduring as cabinetry.

Therefore, metal, as a rule of thumb, is the most extraordinary material for hardware since it is nothing else but metal. It can easily withstand small blows and little wear and tear. There are plenty of metal types to pick from: nickel and brass deliver timeless magic, while steel is more elegant and stylish.

When your kitchen sees a lot of heavy use (think oily hands!) or you're trying to save money more, silver is a terrific option as well. What about handles or knobs? If you're looking for a more edgy aesthetic in your kitchen, you may go with either one or the other.

Note that changing cupboards can be time-consuming and costly, but upgrading the hardware is far easier, less time-consuming, and less costly. And even slightly worn cabinets will appear brand new with new-looking knobs.

Your Turn

Your kitchen is one of the most used areas of your home, so why not keep it up-to-date according to the latest trends? If you have a beautiful home, then the kitchen is the most essential place that needs your attention. It's where you cook, eat, and gather together to talk about your whole day spend. When it comes to renovating this space, it's always important to prioritize. Take a look at the above-mentioned top kitchen remodeling ideas to get an idea of what would work best for your home.