Kitchen rugs: all about this new trendy element

If one day you had been told about a kitchen rug. You would not have believed it. But now, the decoration has evolved and sometimes knows some new things, like the kitchen rug, which becomes an essential element to make a space a little more refined.

Finally, if this new kitchen carpet trend does not convince you, bet on the trompe l'oeil carpets. These take shape in several ways: drawn on the ground, using vinyl carpets with a cement tile print or by forming distinctions on the ground with the simple presence of tiles. If tiling is used to make friezes, why wouldn't it also be used to create kitchen rugs that create illusions?

The kitchen rug, the trend that energizes the kitchen

But why choose the kitchen rug and succumb to this trend? Because its presence warms the room and personalizes it. This decorative element adds that little extra that was missing in the kitchen decoration to accentuate its convivial spirit. As the kitchen is getting bigger and bigger, it is normal for it to be furnished a little more and consist of additional decorative objects. Through our tiny file "kitchen rugs", discover how to adopt the kitchen rug, succumb to its decorative qualities and choose the right one!

Succumb to the carpet in the kitchen!

The carpet no longer invites itself only to the living room or the bedroom. It interferes even in the kitchen and even occupies a place of choice. Its presence comes to personalize the kitchen, makes it cosier and helps the different spaces of these to stand out. Please focus on the carpet in the kitchen with our most beautiful inspirations.

The kitchen rug, the new practical and decorative trend

As a place of reception where we meet, the kitchen takes on importance in the decoration by becoming a room in its own right with decorative elements similar to those of the living room. The latest novelty? The kitchen rug is ultra-practical and decorative. Find out

Why buy a kitchen rug?

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that requires the most maintenance to stay clean. Splashes and mishandling quickly dirty the floor: grease stains, cooking juices and leftover food then become embedded in the floor, making cleaning difficult. Unprotected and isolated, it deteriorates and loses its lustre.

The kitchen rug is the solution to these problems.

Decorative kitchen rug

Why use a kitchen rug?

Yes, it allows you to clean your floor, but that's not all. It is the best ally for decoration lovers! It can be available in many different colours, patterns, and textures to best adapt to your interior. Using a kitchen rug allows you to personalize the space, adding a positive or natural feel.

No need to change the floor to make it to your liking: the kitchen rug is there for that.

It is an ideal accessory if you want to bring elegance to your room, whatever its style. In modern spaces, it warms the atmosphere by bringing friendliness and warmth. In more rustic rooms, it brings a touch of sobriety. It will also bring pep and originality to the simplest kitchens.

Why use a kitchen rug according to its material

Using a rubber backing kitchen mat not only improves the hygiene and decoration of the room. It also allows you to gain comfort. Its softness helps you feel less fatigue when standing and relieves back pain.

Depending on its material, it has several qualities:

  • Vinyl is easy and quick to clean: a wipe with a sponge or wipe is enough to remove stains.
  • Latex is also easy to clean. It also has the advantage of being non-slip and resistant.
  • Cotton brings a clean and healthy atmosphere. Very soft to the touch, it is an ideal natural material to add elegance to the room.
  • Polyester offers a wide choice of customization and is also easy to clean. Absorbent, it is ideal to be placed under a sink.
  • Bamboo will bring a touch of nature for a Zen and relaxing atmosphere.

The kitchen mat is protected.

Household accidents are unfortunately commonplace in our kitchen. Usually, with rubber pads, non-slip kitchen rugs. They also have the advantage of keeping the ground dry, which limits the risk of accidental slips or falls. Using a kitchen mat also helps protect the floor from falling objects. With them, there's no more risk of a snag in your tiles if a heavy pan slips out of your hands. This is also particularly useful if you drop a glass or porcelain object: the mat cushions the fall and limits the risk of breakage.

So why use a kitchen rug?

Particularly decorative and easy to clean, it saves you comfort and time daily. Its favorable aspect makes it essential, especially if you are clumsy or live with children. Difficult to do without!