Sheets: your practical size guide to get it right the first time and not go overboard!
  1. How to calculate measurements for sheets according to bed types
  2. Fitted sheets: types and tricks to put them
  3. Countertop sheets: which one do I choose?
  4. Duvet covers: size guide and filling measurements
  5. How to choose a good duvet cover?
  6. Pillow covers sizes and types.

Surely more than once, you have had doubts when choosing the best fitted sheets for your bed, not only when choosing the most beautiful fabric to decorate the bedroom but also to find the exact measurements. If you are one of those people who seldom get the size of the sheets right, either because you have a large piece left over or because it falls short, take a look at this practical guide. It will be of great help!


For double beds, there are different sizes. The length of the bed is usually 190 cm or 200 cm. Which to choose? If you share a bed, the length should be between 15 and 20 cm more than the height of the tallest person.

  • Single bed:It can be 90 cm or 105 cm. In hotels, they call it single or twin (when there are two beds). A helpful tip for when you travel!
  • 135 cm bed:It is the double bed of our grandparents or parents. They also call it double or full.
  • 150 cm or 160 cm bed: it is the one called Queen Size.
  • 180 cm bed: it is known as King Size.
  • 260 cm bed: not many of these beds where almost the whole family can fit. It is the Presidential Super King Size


But in addition to taking into account the measurements of your bed, you also have to pay attention to the mattress. If they are of standard sizes, the mattresses are usually between 20 and 25cm thick. But be careful. If you choose a thicker or thinner one, you will have to consider it when choosing the sheets.


Fitted sheets can be of two types: standard or adjustable. The ideal measurements of the bottom sheets have to be the same as those of the bed. That is, if you have a bed that is 150 cm long and 200 cm long, the bottom sheet must be the same.

But have you ever wondered why hotel and hospital beds are so well made? One of his tricks is the Hospital Corner method. Let's see the step-by-step!

  • Separate the bed slightly from the wall and always start on one side. Lay down the bottom sheets. (Most hotels and hospitals do not use fitted sheets but instead use regular sheets with enough excess to be able to tighten them correctly).
  • To fold the corners, lift the extra deep fitted sheet 40cm from the foot of the bed.
  • Drop the sheet.
  • Collect the entire side under the mattress.
  • Next, lay out the top sheet, comforter, and quilt, and fold all three layers together following the three steps above.


To choose the perfect countertop sheets, you must also take into account the measurements of the bed:

  • 90 cm and 105 cm bed: top sheets must be 160x280 cm.
  • 135 cm bed: top sheets must be 210x280 cm.
  • 150 cm and 160 cm bed: for both types of bed, you should choose 240x280 cm tops.
  • 180 cm bed: The measurements for a King-size bed are 270x280 cm.
  • 200 cm bed: the measurements of the sheets must be 290x280 cm.

Placing this type of sheet will depend on how you make the bed. If you like them with a turndown, that is, part of the top sheet covering the top of the quilt, turn them "inside out." That is, the beautiful part of the sheet is upside down. This way, when you turn the sheet over at the top, the prettiest part will be visible, while the other part will be covered.


When we place the duvets or duvet covers in winter, we also have to consider the measurements so that, when dressing the bed, it is as we want. There are different fillings: down, feather, wool and synthetic. What measure of duvet cover filling to choose?

  • 90 cm and 105 bed: 150x200 cm
  • 135cm bed: 220x200cm
  • 150 and 160 cm bed: 240x200
  • 180cm bed: 260x200cm
  • 200cm bed: 290x200cm


Both duvets and duvet covers must always be between 60 and 90 cm wider than your bed. These are the ideal measures of covers and bedspreads according to the type of bed:

  • 90 cm and 105 bed: 150x220 cm
  • 135cm bed: 220x220cm
  • 150 and 160 cm bed: 240x220 cm
  • 180cm bed: 260x220cm
  • 200cm bed: 290x220cm


Considering the measurements of the sheets and duvets, we must also pay attention to the size of our pillowcases. A pillow with excess fabric everywhere or, on the contrary, that looks like a sausage is not evocative.

There are different sizes for pillows, depending on the width of the bed, but the most standard ones are 70x40 cm and 90x40 cm.

  • 90 cm and 105 cm beds: the ideal pillow filling is 90x40 cm, and the cover will be 110x45 cm
  • 135 cm bed: The padding must be 70x40 cm and the cover 90x45 cm. If the option of a single pillow for both is chosen, the filling must be 135x40 cm and the cover 160x45 cm.
  • 150 cm and 160 cm bed:The padding must be 70x40 cm and the cover 90x55 cm.
  • 180 cm bed: The padding must be 90x40 cm, and the cover 110x45 cm.