Three points for choosing Vintage rugs (professional tips)

Guide -How to buy

Recently, more and more stores are displaying tribal rugs in apparel select shops, lounges, and cafes. Among them, the more authentic and highly sensitive shops select high-quality and valuable rugs and use them as practical and meticulous interior layouts. Users and visitors to this site are probably attracted to the atmosphere and textile patterns of rugs. Some of you may be looking for a rug with a high rarity and originality that can be exhibited at an auction or other antique market someday.

If you want to buy a high-quality authentic vintage living room rug, you want to buy a high-quality authentic one.

Choosing a worthy rug or carpet may require a lot of knowledge and experience, but it's not that difficult if you keep a few things in mind. The selection criteria will change depending on whether you want to purchase for personal use first or whether you want to acquire something with investment value that can be exhibited at overseas auctions such as Sotheby's in the future. I don't think there is much information about the difference between personal use and purchasing as something with investment value. Of course, it's fun to use, but if you want to let go, it's worth it.

1. When choosing from photos on the internet

The best way is to see and touch the actual product. Just like paintings and clothes, textures and colours that can only be felt in real life, especially textures and usability, are important. I'd rather be chosen. If you choose, it is important whether the photo was taken indoors or in natural light such as sunlight. Depending on the colour of the light (spotlight, fluorescent light, incandescent light) and the strength of the light source, it tends to look far from the real thing. Looking closely at images shot at various angles and sizes outdoors or in natural light and having a high degree of reproducibility of the real thing will lead to an unmistakable purchase.

It is also important that the storage conditions are clearly specified. I don't want to be disappointed that there are rips, defects, and splicing that cannot be seen well in photos. In the case of vintage rugs, they are rarely in perfect condition. On the contrary, I feel that the more finely detailed rips and scratches are specified, the better the condition is.

2. When choosing by looking at the real thing.

 If you can see the real thing, you can directly get a lot of information you can't get on the screen, such as appearance, touch, and sitting comfort. I've taken it a step further and added a few notes below.

  1. You can check the wool condition of the essential material. (Hardness, lustre, spinning, thread thickness, hair colour, etc.) We recommend comparing the front and back.
  2. Know the material of the warp thread. (Cotton, silk, wool, goat wool, etc.) The warp threads of nomadic carpets are often wool. Cotton thread is often used recently, but warp thread of wool is often used for antique tribal rugs over 100 years old.
  3. Checking the degree of twisting of warp threads. (If it is hand-spun, it is likely to be original.) (Hand-spun, machine-spun, 2-ply, 3-ply, single, etc.)
  4. If it is a carpet, check the remaining pile. (The older the pile, the rarer it is.)

5. Whether or not it has been repaired, and whether it has been carefully repaired. (The size of the repaired area, whether it is conspicuous, etc.) (Even if there is a repair, there is no problem as long as it is done carefully without damaging the original texture.)

  1. Is the dye transferred to other parts? (Check if the dark-coloured dye is smeared on the white background etc.)
  2. If the surface has an unnatural gloss, Compare the surface and the back of the pile. (It may be washed with chemicals to give it a glossy look.) Check the colour fading due to sunburn.
  3. Is there any evidence that the warp thread has been dyed later? (Because it may be dyed twice with tea etc. to bring out the old colour)

3. When in doubt, go back to your first impression.

Locally, originals (not copies) that have been through the ages and are in good condition are highly evaluated. Ultimately, choosing a carpet or fabric is the same as the first inspiration you feel for the opposite you meet for the first time. Comprehensive judgment will be necessary for the size of the place to be used. In any case, carpets and rugs may become an essential part of your life that you will live with for a long time, so we recommend purchasing from a reliable site or shop.