Well-Floored: This Is How You Create Cohesion In The Interior With a Rug.

A carpet in the house provides more than just warm feet. You can use it as a connecting factor in space, with which you can easily and quickly create cohesion. See how she created unity in the house with this simple hack.

Cohesive whole thanks to a rug

An ample open space can sometimes feel cold or uninviting. Fortunately, there is a solution for this: a carpet. With a rug, you can create cohesion in an ample open space in no time. Céline opted for an large rug to make the most of the space in her home. The room immediately feels cosier and cosier by playing with colours and having them reflected on the sofa or in some decorative cushions.

Unity in the interior

Unity is only partially unimportant in an interior. You create it by placing loose furniture on a rug. The furniture is then optically merged. Think of a nice ottoman, lounge chair, coffee table or beautiful side table. The French Céline went for the latter idea. She opted for two beautiful wooden side tables, and the rainbow rug's colours are reflected in the sofa.

Variation of rugs

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, From long piles and woolly for extra warmth on the ground. Too sleek and more useful as decoration. The choice is also huge when it comes to colour. There is a suitable rug for every living style; minimalist and a bit Scandinavian or strikingly colourful and graceful. Finally, there are also rugs in different shapes, from round to rectangular. Because they all have a diverse appearances, they can also be used in many different ways. They have one thing in common: they provide a completely different look to your home in no time.

Rug as a finishing touch

Is your home equipped with many light colours, and is there a lot of black and grey in the furniture and accessories? Then choose a rug that matches this. A minimalist rug in cream colour with a sleek check-in grey or black is a good example. For example, the colour of the accessories returns, which immediately makes the whole feel more 'finished'.

Rug as a starting point

Have you picked up a natural eye-catcher during a trip? Then let the rug do the talking, but make sure that the colour is reflected in detail. For example, opt for a few cheerful candles on the side table in colour also reflected in the rug. Do you have a little more budget? Then a work of art in the same colour palette is a perfect way to create cohesion uniquely.

Stylish resting point

If you have many different warm colours and prints at home, choosing a rug that also reflects this warmth is a good idea. A cobalt blue and grey sofa covers, a yellow ocher chair, and even a fantastic wallpaper require a resting point in the middle. You can achieve this tranquillity very well with a rug. In this case, omit a busy print, but go for a rug in which the colour returns subtly. In this case, a warm-looking, mottled carpet is a good, stylish, calm match.