What should be considered when choosing a summer rug?

If you want to reflect the lively and spacious atmosphere of the summer season in every corner of your home, you can start with kilims, the symbol of the elegance of floors. Rugs, which are easy to clean and offer an aesthetic appearance, are trendy in the new season. So what should be considered when choosing a summer rug? How to clean the rug? Here is the answer to every curious question. While decorating our homes, we ensure that every piece we choose is in harmony with each other and the season. In houses, which reflect personal tastes and needs, it is imperative not to overlook the details as much as the primary points are given importance. While experiencing the most beautiful days of the summer season, we can host this warm effect in our living spaces. From furniture to curtains, from home textile products to accessories, you should not forget the shining star of the floor and rugs while feeling the footsteps of change at home. Let's learn the tricks of using summer rugs this season when thin rugs have become the house's favourite.


Rugs that are frequently encountered in living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms and kitchens; create a unique look in every corner of the house.In addition, in these days when we are in the summer months, you can easily choose rugs with open areas such as balconies and terraces. You can make a selection that will suit your needs from various rugs with many qualities.The first point you should pay attention to is to make the right choice about the size of the rugs. If the dimensions of the rugs are smaller than they should be, it can divide your living space into many parts and cause a complex image. In the same way, choosing a larger rug than it should be will cause a crowded appearance on the floor.


It is helpful to pay attention to the material used when purchasing rugs. Various materials such as wool, cotton, silk, synthetics and natural fibres are used in rugs. Natural rugs are higher in price than others but offer a longer-lasting use. Synthetics come across as budget friendly and are more resistant to external factors such as fading and stains.


Many types of rugs are suitable for every style, which will invite elegance and grace to your homes. You can revitalize your home by including rugs with geometric and ethnic patterns. Or you can create a positive effect by using rugs in which colours are harmonious. And also; shaggy , scandi, and vintage rugs also shape a unique look in homes. Before deciding, we recommend you consider your home's lighting, floor colour and decoration style.


The most valuable part of using a rug is that it will provide a great convenience in terms of cleaning. Some of the rugs, which are cleaned quickly and practically, are suitable for washing in the washing machine. If you wish, you can choose such a product and save time! If you want to use wicker rugs in your home decoration, You can clean them with white soap and a damp cloth or use carpet cleaning companies.